Energy Flow

soul wizards Oct 23, 2019
I asked for topics and you answered. 

You want to know about Energy Flow

The particular energy we are talking about is Spiritual Energy. 
This energy is considered a universal life force or spiritual source energy that exists in all living matter.
It's considered the life force that binds the soul to the body.  In this concept, the soul is itself everlasting.  There are many religions that define spiritual energy and teach how to receive it.
Energy Flow is not visible to our 3 dimensional eyes.  It can’t be measured in a laboratory.  You can’t buy it at the mall.  You can’t find it in Religion,  although Religion may point to it.  You can’t find it in books.  I can’t give you the formula for Energy Flow. 
What I can do is point to how it feels when you are in FLOW. 
The Yogi’s say it’s found in Prana, our breath. 
The Native Indians point to Mother Earth...
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Keep your Furry Friends Alive!

soul wizards Oct 19, 2019

Auggie is pure love.  

He has soft eyes, a gentle Spirit.  Auggie knows pain after being brutally abused for many years, yet he never lost hope.  Auggie is a great comforter to children.  He is a lover of nature.  Auggie has seen tough times.  He has been beaten down. 
Auggie never loses heart.  He listens to the trees, feels the sun on his face.  He dreams of being rescued.  
A little girl comes to Auggie looks into his eyes.  She feels his pain as her very own.  She tells her Dad, “We have to take Auggie home with us.  He is tied to the tree in the backyard and his tail is broken,  he needs us.” 
Auggie is a gorgeous german shepherd.  Little Netta takes Auggie off the chain and places him gently in the car.  When we get home Auggie, I will bathe you, feed you and give you a warm soft place to sleep. 
She promises Auggie,  “You will never be...
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From Suicide to Thrive

soul wizards Oct 16, 2019

I was 22 years old and newly married to Rambo ( he loved watching Rambo movies so, he is Rambo for this story).  I wanted to get out of my parents home and I yearned to start my own family.  I believed in fairy tales,  I wanted my very own Prince!  We married after knowing each other a couple of months, but marriage was not what I thought!  

Rambo was at work all the time and when he came home, he went straight to the T.V. with no conversation.  I fell into depression.  I new nothing about how to be in relationship.
One stormy day, I was sitting on the toilet lid with the door closed.  Rambo was gone at work.  I was so depressed,  I felt trapped in a marriage I wanted out of!  All I could think of was ending my life.  As I took out a razor and held it to wrist I was shaking.  I could not do it.  I saw no other way out.  I did not want to go back home to Mom and Dad.  
Somehow I had to find...
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Authentic Lovemaking

Is your lovemaking authentic? 

  • Are you revealing all of YOU?  
  • Do you feel deeply passionate and juicy?  
  • Are you holding some of you back? Do you know what? 
This topic of authentic lovemaking came up when I realized I was not that interested in lovemaking anymore.
I discovered two things running in my subconscious that were getting in the way of authentic lovemaking.
The first was I still felt crushed by Don Juan, my former, Latin lover.  I was still grieving the loss of that passionate relationship, where ultimately, I felt betrayed by passion. 
According to Ramtha, we don’t have a life purpose for being here.  We are all Creators.  We choose our life according to whatever we desire.  Nothing that we desire is ever “wrong, bad, a mistake or failure”.  There will be no regrets at the end of our lifetime unless we choose to be in regret. 
I am a great experimenter in life....
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Soul Wizards have deep understanding of BOTH sides of the Gun Issue

soul wizards Oct 15, 2019
The movie Joker by Warner Bro.  was released on October 4th, 2019.  There has been controversy that the movie may glorify “shooters”.  This is not the intention of Warner Bro. 
The release of the movie, does raise the issue of safety for both sides of the gun issue.
Our focus in this blog will be how to see both sides of gun control and the right to bear arms, through Soul Awareness. 
How do you feel about the right to bear arms? 
Do you feel triggered by the topic? 
Are you curious about both sides of this issue? 
Does it bring you peace to have a gun in your home? 
Does it disturb you to know that people are bearing arms? 
 If this idea of having a Soul and the afterlife doesn’t make much sense to you, perhaps you can read it with an open mind.  If your a Science major you can try it, as an experiment. 
As Souls we know that we are eternal.  There is no death....
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The Wish Game

soul wizards Oct 11, 2019
What is your wish for today?
In this blog, Mark and I share how we Create our day.  How we manifest our Wishes to come true and how we can support you in manifesting all of your Wishes. 
Every morning Mark and I ask each other:
What do you want to Create today? 
Mark said:
 “Yesterday, we had a cherished item appear magically.  We searched high and low for this item for over a month. There is no doubt about it, pure magic. 
Today, I want something big to show up, that delights me.
What delights me?  
I want to dance with my wife.
My body feels really good, except my jaws, the last hold out. 
I want to experience a full release in my jaws.” 
After Mark expressed his wish, I thought about my own.  What do I wish?  I have a deep yearning within me, to resolve my feelings with my family.  
I have wanted for as long as I can remember,  to have a family that really sees...
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Abominable or Magnificent?

soul wizards Oct 10, 2019
Abominable, released in 2019, is an animated movie with deep spiritual insights including:
  • Ways to heal from loss of a Loved one
  • How Nature Supports you
  • The incredible power of Toning
The main character Yi, a young Chinese girl, lost her father and not given herself time to grieve and heal.  She purposely keeps herself busy to raise money for a trip across China.  Her father saved post cards from beautiful places across China he had always wanted Yi to see. Yi is determined to see these places. 
Yi runs into a Yeti living on her roof.  She discovers that he came from Mt. Everest.  She knows how hard it is to be separated from family, so she commits to getting the Yeti who she names Everest, back home to his family.  Everest is a magical creature who hums, glows in beautiful hues of iridescent blues, and nature correspondingly supports with her magic.
Spiritual Symbolism
Grieving and loss is a gateway to Spiritual...
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Shamanic Drum Journey: To heal your Inner Child

soul wizards Oct 09, 2019
Core beliefs dictate the rules we live by. Everybody has them
They are formed in the early years of our lives and are based on our thoughts about our experiences.
By the time we are adults, most of us have developed very entrenched, deeply rooted, fundamental beliefs about ourselves. Psychologists refer to these as our CORE BELIEFS. 
Once established, they can prove very difficult to change without the aid of therapeutic interventions. 
” Sample core beliefs traumatic childhood experiences may create include:
  • OTHERS WILL ABANDON ME – This belief may develop if one/both parents abandoned us during our childhood.
  • I AM NOT WORTH OTHERS CARING ABOUT – This belief may develop if our parent/s focused far more on their own needs than our own.
  • I MUST BE SELF-SACRIFICING – This belief may develop if our parents ‘parentified‘ us—turned us into the...
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No Where to Go

soul wizards Oct 07, 2019

Nowhere to go...

A story to take you from self-punishment to freedom, forgiveness and compassion.
Franco sat in a Prison for 20 years, locked behind bars, sitting in a dark cell.  
He felt his life getting darker and darker in the wastelands of his mind.  He yearned  to visit the beautiful waterfall he could see out his cell window, past the high voltage fence. 
He looked at his life and saw nothing but regret and disappointment.
Someday, perhaps he would be released.  
One day, he met with his parole committee.  After 20 years, he was finally eligible for parole. 
To his great disappointment, they reviewed his case and denied Franco his release.  He was returned to his prison cell, and resumed his longing for freedom beyond the walls.  
He felt depressed and suicidal.  In the torture of his mind, he simply could not take one more day of hell.  He decided, he’d rather...
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Soul Wizards are Driven

soul wizards Oct 06, 2019
Soul Wizards have an inner drive that inspires them to live life full-out!

They look at the world through the lens of total freedom. 

That is not the way that we started our journey.  Before we became Soul Wizards, we were limited by the beliefs we held.  We did not know that we were all powerful. 
We felt trapped by:
  • Financial Circumstances 
  • Our bank account dictating what we could and could not do. 
  • Relationship Angst
  • We thought we had to stay in a relationship that we “could not stand”. 
  • We were driven by family obligations. 

Do you feel trapped by your financial circumstances?

Do you wonder how long you will stay in a “suckie” relationship? 

Do you feel obligated to care for family? 

Do you feel “stuck” in a job you hate? 
You may have more to add to your list.  
What does it take to break-free from these “traps” that we find ourselves “stuck”...
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