Soul Wizards have deep understanding of BOTH sides of the Gun Issue

soul wizards Oct 15, 2019
The movie Joker by Warner Bro.  was released on October 4th, 2019.  There has been controversy that the movie may glorify “shooters”.  This is not the intention of Warner Bro. 
The release of the movie, does raise the issue of safety for both sides of the gun issue.
Our focus in this blog will be how to see both sides of gun control and the right to bear arms, through Soul Awareness. 
How do you feel about the right to bear arms? 
Do you feel triggered by the topic? 
Are you curious about both sides of this issue? 
Does it bring you peace to have a gun in your home? 
Does it disturb you to know that people are bearing arms? 
 If this idea of having a Soul and the afterlife doesn’t make much sense to you, perhaps you can read it with an open mind.  If your a Science major you can try it, as an experiment. 
As Souls we know that we are eternal.  There is no death.  We go through a transition.  
We leave our earthly bodies behind and continue our life in higher dimensions. 
When we leave our body, Souls have what is called a “life review”.  
In a life review, you experience everything you did that harmed another person as though it is happening to you. You get to experience how they felt receiving your anger.  
You see the other side, what it is like in that other person’s world.  You get the full picture.  
Likewise those who have harmed you, also experience a “life review” where they feel what you felt when they harmed you.  We get to feel what it’s like to be on both sides of the coin.  The Victim and the Villain.  
In the Soul realm, we get that we are all connected to each other.  We cannot harm another without the instant boomerang effect.  The boomerang is not a punishment.  It is the nature of Creation. 
Our true nature is Oneness.  We live in a illusion in this 3 dimensional world of duality. 
It appears that we are all separate individuals.  It is a very real illusion.  Look at the hairs on your head,  each one is a separate hair, stands on it’s own.  Yet, they all connect at your scalp.  We are all individual hairs connected directly to Source.  Source pulses through our veins. 
The right to bear arms:
I have a family member who bears arms and defends his right to do so.  He was raised by a very violent step-dad, who traumatized him daily. He never healed from his childhood wounds.  To this day he believes that “life is brutal”.   He will more than likely take this belief with him to his grave.  He feels anger that someone can take away his right to bear arms.  He is terrified that someone will break into his home and threaten his life. 
He has been approached by a thief at a gas station and threatened.  In his world, he is not safe without a gun nearby. 
He does not realize that he is reliving his childhood pattern of fear over and over again.  He will continue to have this fear, whether he has guns or not.  He does not realize that his fears are causing those who vibrate at the same fear frequency to magnetize to him.  We are all powerful creators of our Universe.  The Universe will literally shift to accommodate our beliefs.  
If he chooses to heal his childhood wounds, face the dark night fears head on... he can re-parent his inner child.  He could do this with the help of a Somatic Therapist who is trained in healing childhood trauma.  His fears can be resolved.  He can come to realize he is safe now.   He can go back in time to his terrified child, pick him up, take him in his arms and vow to protect him.  That part of himself that disassociated can then integrate and heal. 
If you knew the background “story” of those who feel strongly in the right to bear arms, do you get what they feel like?  Do you feel compassion for the childhood fears that they have?
In the Movie Maleficent by Walt Disney, you get inside the world of Maleficent.  You come to understand how she came to be the villain.  She was victimized when she was younger. 
If you have a Victim, you must have a Villain.  As Souls we come here to experience a vast variety of contrasts.  We cleverly chose to forget our Oneness with Source.  We chose to be as far away as possible at times, to complete our experiment of separation.   
In our human drama, we are all actors in a play.  We play out many different roles all designed by our Souls.  We have agreements with other Souls before we incarnate to play out the role of Victim/Villain.  Through our playing out of these traumatic scenes, we choose themes.  Sometimes it’s a comedy, sometimes a horror movie, sci-fi, reality show, drama and so on....
In the gun control and right to bear arms show, you have an action film.  This is not to down play what feels very real to those who have lost loved ones by shootings.  Nor does this invalidate the real fears of families who feel adamant about the right to protect their families with firearms. 
Soul Wizards are compassionate to both sides of the human experience.  
Through our studies of in-between lives through Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls with Michael Newton, the Soul Realm is very real.  In these books you read countless detailed descriptions of people who were taken into deep hypnosis and remember,  life in-between incarnations.  
What we have learned brings deep peace.  
We learn compassion for both sides of any human challenge.  When we process every challenge through this Soul lens, we find resolutions that work for all parties involved. 
In the Soul realm there is no need for guns.  There is no need for protection.  
You are loved and you know it.  The love is so complete and whole, there is absolutely no fear.   Fear is not the opposite of love—fear is the gatekeeper that keeps love away. 
Those who feel they need guns really believe that they need them to keep themselves and loved ones safe.   They feel unsafe in this world.  It doesn’t matter how many guns they have, they still feel unsafe.  They are not handling the fear that is running in the background.  They are terrified to do the inner work that it takes to heal the wounded child.  It takes great courage to do your inner work. 
Pro Gun Control:
Those who are for more gun control see that guns are causing more harm than good.  They have seen what happens when guns get into the hands of someone who is not mentally stable.   Many lives have been taken unnecessarily by those who were not handling guns responsibly.  
Wether you decide on the right to bear arms or pro-gun-control,
coming to a deeper understanding of both sides will give you even more leverage in accomplishing what both sides really want, to keep loved ones safe. 
Where ever you stand on the gun issue, you can participate in this experiment.
Expected Result: Brings you into flow.  
Flow with the Universe. 
In your right hand, place the “right to bear arms activists”.  Feel what they feel in your right hand.  Feel into the energetic space that this view is coming from through your whole body. 
In your left hand place the “gun control” view and all the feelings that go with it. 
Feel into this through your whole body. 
Then, face your hands toward each other.  Start to bring them closer together.  Feel the polarity of these seemingly opposing energies.  This is the world of duality at play right in the palms of your hands. 
Breathe deeply, feeling into your body.  Slowly bring your hands closer and closer together. 
Take as much time as you feel you need.  This is a big process you are undertaking.  You are literally shifting the collective consciousness.  
As your hands come together in prayer hands at your heart center, feel the shift.   Breathe deeply, anchor this feeling into your body, heart and Soul.  
If you did not feel anything shift, go to the beginning of the experiment and do it again slowly, feeling deeper each time you repeat it.  You will begin to feel a vast shift in your energy field into the feeling of being complete and whole.  There is a neutral space that feels accepting of both sides of duality.  You have come home to Oneness—to the end of Separation. 
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Created with all of our Love,
Mark and Lynetta 

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