Soul Wizards Know That We Are Never Alone

soul wizards Oct 05, 2019

Soul Wizards know that we are never alone.  We are the ones who chose to forget that we are one with Source.  We chose to forget our heavenly home.  When we chose to come here to planet earth, we knew we would experience separation and loneliness. 

We eagerly came to experience the variety that life offered us.  

We knew we would have great contrasts of sadness and joy,  times of frustration and times of fulfillment.  We knew before we chose to come to earth that humans use food, money, sex, drugs, drink, TV, religion and gambling as a way to fill the emptiness.  

We agreed to come to earth to participate in the era of ascension for our planet earth,  when everyone on earth comes to the realization that we are not alone. 

We have never been alone

We are all participating in a unifying field that gently pulls back the veil of separation.  As a collective consciousness, we wipe the sleepiness from our third eye and see through the...

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Soul Wizards Know and Embrace their Shadow

soul wizards Oct 04, 2019

We all have a “story” about what happened to us as children.  

Our story is safeguarded by the gatekeeper.  The gate keeper has one job, to keep our Essence safe.  

For Example:
Lynetta had a “story” that no one in her family really cared about her.  She had lot’s of proof to build her case.  As the years went by, she had more proof that no one cares. She even forgot her own Essence.  
She hid behind “people pleasing”. She didn’t feel accepted and loved. 
Then she turned her gaze inward.  Instead of looking outside herself for approval, she got curious about what was going on within.  She asked: ”What does it mean about who I am when my family ignores me?”  
It means: 

“I might as well not exist.”

Explore where your own Shadow Myth began.  
Imagine that you can see your whole lifetime in front of you on a...
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Religious Trauma Recovery Panel

soul wizards Oct 03, 2019

In a panel of 3 ex-JW's, interviewed about our journey being a JW, what is the biggest challenges we went through, how we exited and how we are thriving now. We give you some tools in your own journey through religious recovery.

Shunning, one of the most abusive practice of high-pressure groups, is often the most obvious sign that a group is abusive. It tears families and communities apart, forcing many to choose between their faith and their loved ones. Whether it is called Shunning, Disconnection or Ostracism, the harsh reality of alienation ensures that those who leave the group are cut off absolutely, losing their entire community – friends, relatives, and their complete support system.
When you are raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses as a woman, they call you a Sister.  All the Sisters are trained to get married, have children, stay at home and spend all of their time out in field service. 
According to the JW:
11 Within...
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From Rabbi to Soul Wizard

soul wizards Oct 02, 2019

Mark shares his spiritual odyssey to answer the eternal questions:

  • Who am I
  • Why am I here?
  • Who created me?
  • For what purpose?
  • What's this "Soul" thingy all about?

Join Mark on this personal journey from Rabbi to Soul Wizard

After you have watched the Video about Marks Journey,  we have added a supportive guide to help you in leaving your religion.  

Lynetta Ann Avery will be your Guide:

Stages of Leaving your Religion
  1. Secretly thinking/planning on leaving
  2. In process of leaving
  3. Left and lonely--what to replace it with
Try on new things.  Check out Meetups in your area, hiking, biking, game nights and other interests you have. 
When you first leave you may feel trepidation about trying on new things.  Remember that life is your buffet.  You get to choose what you like and what you don’t like. 
If you choose something and it turns out feeling “yucky” no worries, just chuck it into the composting pile.


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A Soul Wizard knows how to attract other Soul Wizards

soul wizards Oct 01, 2019

A Soul Wizard knows how to attract other Soul Wizards into their life.  How do they go about that?   They clear what is in the way first.  Here are some of the ways that block attraction:

  • Fear that nobody really loves you
  • Feeling unworthy of being with Soul Wizards
  • Feeling like an “outsider looking in” 
  • Not knowing you can choose who you want in your life
  • Feeling Stuck in toxic relationships that disempower you

A Soul Wizard clears these blocks using the Tao of Now Technique:

  • Gather up all of these fears, unworthiness, separation, powerlessness and stuck feelings and place them in your left hand
  • Feel into them, feel how it feels to hold all of them in your hand
  • Shake that feeling off 
  • Gather up all the times you knew how deeply you were loved
  • All the times when you felt connected to people who do appreciate you
  • All the ways you have empowered yourself to get away from toxic relationships
  • Place all of these positive experiences in your...
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A Soul Wizard is Decisive

soul wizards Sep 30, 2019

Soul Wizards are decisive.  They clear out of their life what they don’t want and they incorporate into their lives what they do want. How do they get there?  

They don’t make themselves “wrong” for past choices.  They look at everything in life through the lens of, what do I want to create in my life and how do I get there? 

Here are ways that you can implement a Soul Wizard view of making decisions in your life:

  • Your past decisions have never been “wrong” or “bad”
  • All of Your decisions in the past show you what you “want” and “don’t want” moving forward. 
  • You can’t fail when your the teacher who grades all your own papers
  • Give yourself an A + for every decision you have ever made in your life

How can you give yourself an A + when you don’t like the outcome of your decisions?  Stop living your life for someone else.  Know that every choice you have ever...

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A Soul Wizard Knows how to Clear Money Blocks

soul wizards Sep 29, 2019

Money is a program, period.  It’s significance has been amplified by constantly reinforcing a belief that keeps you manageable to powers that control most of the wealth on your planet. 

Imagine being raised in a community where they home school you and train you from a child about being self-sustainable.  You live off the land, grow your own food, solar power for your energy source and raise your own animals for milk and eggs.  You don’t go to town, you have all your needs met on the ranch.  

Money is never used since your land is all paid for. There is nothing you need to get from town, you never watch TV, movies or have a cell phone.  You would have no beliefs about money.  You are fully sustainable in your community.  

Soul Wizards know that it is possible to live like this, to live in a community where we all look out for each other.   Where everyone is equal. 

Since our planet does not run this way for the majority...

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Soul Wizards choose how to be, rain or shine

soul wizards Sep 28, 2019

You know that even in the various storms of life, there is a power within you that is unharmed by outer circumstances. You are that awakened Soul that Creates Your inner state.
Your external world reflects back, mirroring your state of consciousness.

  • Set a timer for 20 min.  Remember a time when you were really happy.   Observe how your whole body feels.  Shake off that memory. 
  • Remember a time when you were sad.  Observe how your body feels, how your mood has shifted.  Look around you, does your world look different when your sad? 
  • Try on different actor/actress roles. Notice how your feeling, how you hold your body.  Play out these roles with friends and family.  How does your perspective shift? Notice how easily you can shift between different roles. 
  • For a day play out a role of embracing all of life.  Look at everyone through eyes of total acceptance. How do you feel at the end of the day? 
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A Soul Wizard Embraces what is

soul wizards Sep 28, 2019

A Soul Wizard embraces what is. Knowing that in the big picture when we see with the eyes of the Soul everything in life has it’s place. How would we know light without seasons of shadow? How would we know great joy if not for seasons of sarrow? How could we know Oneness if not for seasons of separation?

  • Experiment with one person that you have a challenging relationship with. See everything that they do as acceptable for one day.  At the end of the day journal any shifts you notice. 
  • During your day notice 3 annoyances.  Intentionally shift them to acceptances.  Observe how you feel at the end of the day. 
  • Embracing is a step further than acceptance.  Embracing is: Arms wide open, inviting in for a hug!  Give 3 hugs to someone you would not normally hug. 
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A Soul Wizard knows that all trauma can be healed

soul wizards Sep 21, 2019

A Soul Wizard knows that all trauma can be healed with Soul Awareness Tools.
One of those tools is a powerful tool that I used today.
I asked my Soul Family to show me who I am, not who I think I am.
My Radiance

My life flashed before me, all the times when I felt small, embarrassed, shameful and invisible passed by on a luminous movie screen. My inner Mother appeared embracing my trauma filled younger Netta. A blanket of Radical Acceptance softly wrapped my little one and brought her in close. Mother Netta whispered in little Netta’s ear: “ You are a Star-Child. Bring your head up, your shoulders back. Walk in your sovereignty.

You are perfectly designed in every way, flawless. All that shame was not yours, you are a sensitive Soul, you were picking up on the collective suffering. You are a Soul Wizard, capable of greatness yet to be revealed! Ahhh..... my little Netta melted in the arms of my Soul Mother. 

Practical Application:

  • Make an appointment to work with...
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