Shamanic Drum Journey: To heal your Inner Child

soul wizards Oct 09, 2019
Core beliefs dictate the rules we live by. Everybody has them
They are formed in the early years of our lives and are based on our thoughts about our experiences.
By the time we are adults, most of us have developed very entrenched, deeply rooted, fundamental beliefs about ourselves. Psychologists refer to these as our CORE BELIEFS. 
Once established, they can prove very difficult to change without the aid of therapeutic interventions. 
” Sample core beliefs traumatic childhood experiences may create include:
  • OTHERS WILL ABANDON ME – This belief may develop if one/both parents abandoned us during our childhood.
  • I AM NOT WORTH OTHERS CARING ABOUT – This belief may develop if our parent/s focused far more on their own needs than our own.
  • I MUST BE SELF-SACRIFICING – This belief may develop if our parents ‘parentified‘ us—turned us into the parent and them into the child.
  • I MUST SUBJUGATE MYSELF TO OTHERS – This belief may develop if our own views and needs were dismissed as unimportant by our parents.
  • I AM A SOCIAL PARIAH, UNFIT TO ASSOCIATE WITH OTHERS – This belief may develop if we grew up feeling our childhood experiences set us apart from our contemporaries or if we were in some way ‘forced to grow up’ too early, so that we developed difficulties relating to those of our own age during childhood.  Perhaps we were so anxious and pre-occupied we couldn’t behave in a care-free way and join in the ‘fun’.
  • I AM INTRINSICALLY UNLOVABLE – This belief may have developed if we were unloved, or PERCEIVED OURSELVES TO BE UNLOVED, by our parents.
  • I AM VULNERABLE AND IN CONSTANT DANGER – Such a belief can develop if we spent a lot of our childhood feeling anxious, under stress, apprehensive or in fear.
  • I MUST ALWAYS KEEP TO THE HIGHEST OF STANDARDS – This belief may develop if our parents only CONDITIONALLY LOVED/ACCEPTED us. “
Let’s dig out some limiting beliefs you may have created in  childhood. Tools you will need include a Journal and a recording device.
I will write out a Guided Journey that you will say into your recorder, while you play the Shamanic Drum Journey By Sandra Ingerman on YouTube:  
A Shamanic Journey to Heal Childhood Trauma 
Your Journey will be 15 minutes long. Find a comfortable space where you can have about 30 minutes alone from beginning to end. 
Begin your recording:
Take some nice deep relaxing breaths.  Imagine you are in a meadow filled with flowers and green grasses.  You hear birds chirping in the background.  You feel the warmth of the sun softly soothing your tight muscles.  Every breath your relaxing even deeper.  Feel the weight of your body melt into the earth.  Let go, let go, let it all go. 
In your meadow there is a tree nearby, a tree that was in a fire.  There is a hole in the center of the tree.  As you come closer you look down into the tree and you see that the hole goes deep into the earth.  You feel drawn in.  You step inside the tree and discover there is a spiral staircase going down into the darkness below. 
You know that it is safe to travel downward.  This is the underworld. In the underworld you will discover your power animal.  The first animal that comes to you might be a guide animal taking you to your power animal.  As you travel down the stairs, spiraling down 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet down there is a final step into a cave with amethyst crystals covering the walls.  The temperature is surprisingly comfortable. 
There are torches hanging from the cave walls making it easy to see. 
As you walk around this massive cave you see that there are many smaller caves that branch out in every direction.  At the center of the cave is a comfy place to sit next to a warm cozy fire.  You sit and wait. 
Your animal will come to you.  Be patient.  As you sit and wait you feel relaxed and confident that your power animal is on it’s way to you. 
Allow the peace of the amethyst crystals to comfort you
( pause, allow for 5 min of silence during your Journey )
When an animal approaches ask: are you my Spirit Animal? 
If not, ask that animal to take you to your Spirit Animal. 
If it is your Spirit Animal take some time and ask questions:
How can you help me to heal my inner childhood trauma? 
Can we do that now? 
Will you come with me back in time and give my inner child the support she needs? 
(pause, allow time for this part, if you need more time, repeat the drum Journey the next day) 
When you are complete with your Spirit Animal thank them.  
Let them know you will be back to Journey another time. 
You may want to pick an amethyst crystal to take with you from the cave to anchor your experience.  
Walk up the spiral staircase out of the center of the hallowed out tree and into the meadow where our journey began.  
Wiggle your fingers and toes, take your time before you open your eyes.  When you open your eyes look around the room.  
What do you notice?  What is different?  Has your perspective shifted? 
Write in your journal or draw a picture of what you discovered about your inner child, how you supported them. 
If you have a challenge with imagination, be patient, it takes time developing your imagineering skills.  Return to the Drum Journey another time, it takes practice like any other skill.  
In my experience with Drum Journeys you can go deeper and deeper each time. You may have many power animals.  They are called by many names, Totem Animal, Spirit Animal or Power Animal.  
They are powerful, loving Guides.  They have the Wisdom of Source. 
They can give you tools to heal your inner child.  You have all that you need within you to do this!  
I have been leading my own Shamanic Drum Journeys since I was 15 years old.  You can do this, no matter what age you are. 
I have been healing from my childhood trauma for 40 years actively.  I am 55 years young now.  You can do this!
 It is a process, there are many layers, be patient and get support.  
List of Resources:
Get a session with a Licensed Somatic Therapist 
Get a session with a Reiki Master who specializes in Healing Childhood Trauma
Healing the Child within by Charles Whitfield, MD. 
Sandra Ingerman Shamanic Drum Journey 
Get a session with Lynetta Ann Avery
Written with all my Love,
Lynetta Ann Avery 

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