No Where to Go

soul wizards Oct 07, 2019

Nowhere to go...

A story to take you from self-punishment to freedom, forgiveness and compassion.
Franco sat in a Prison for 20 years, locked behind bars, sitting in a dark cell.  
He felt his life getting darker and darker in the wastelands of his mind.  He yearned  to visit the beautiful waterfall he could see out his cell window, past the high voltage fence. 
He looked at his life and saw nothing but regret and disappointment.
Someday, perhaps he would be released.  
One day, he met with his parole committee.  After 20 years, he was finally eligible for parole. 
To his great disappointment, they reviewed his case and denied Franco his release.  He was returned to his prison cell, and resumed his longing for freedom beyond the walls.  
He felt depressed and suicidal.  In the torture of his mind, he simply could not take one more day of hell.  He decided, he’d rather be dead than live like this.
Franco ran out to the electric fence and leaped towards it, knowing he would be electrocuted.  He held his breath, waiting to feel the electric shock and the sounds of alarms as the guards caught him. 
He fell to the ground and opened his eyes.  
To his amazement, there was no fence and no prison.
There were only, beautiful tropical waterfalls with lush ferns and palms surrounding him in every direction.  He wiped his eyes, thinking perhaps he died. 
He burst into tears, ran into the waters and washed himself off.  He felt the healing waters caress and nurture his weary Soul.  Franco was starting to wake up from a nightmare that felt so real.  He felt compassion for all he went through.  He forgave himself and others. 
 A calmness settled into his mind.  His heart softened. He cried tears of relief.  
There was nothing he did “wrong”.  He had made it all up in his mind.  He even had created a thought prison in his own mind.
Since he was a young boy, every time his parents got angry, Franco assumed he had  done something “wrong” and that he was “bad”. Eventually, his conditioned mind built prison walls to punish himself. 
The conditioned mind is a wonderful construct. It enables us to have an individual human experience in the mystery of Life.  You can experience yourself as an individual.  It is beneficial in creating separation from all other beings in the world.  This sense of separation is an illusion for it is only created within the mind. Yet, it is a very real illusion.  
We can all relate to living life that is based in fear, disappointment, resentments, shame and guilt based on our belief in separation.  
What happened to Franco when he threw himself onto the electric fence? 
He totally surrendered to forgiveness. He let go and gave up his internal struggle.  He threw himself onto the fence expecting to die.  Instead, he awakened to his true nature.  He basked in the waters of healing. He forgave his so-called “sins”.  
He entered the right hemisphere of his Tao Mind and escaped from the grip of the left hemisphere of his conditioned mind.  He felt creativity, wonder and acceptance. 
The ability to roam between the worlds of the right and left hemispheres of the mind is essential to our human existence.  We need them both.  We need our ego to give us the experience of being an individual “me”. 
What would happen if we were to hang out in between the two hemispheres of our mind?  Perhaps, we would discover more about this mysterious Tao Mind. 
Is the Tao Mind something we can even grasp?  Perhaps,  it is too elusive.
Even if you cannot picture it,  you can explore the possibilities.  The following inquiries are designed to guide you in your exploration. 
Do you feel like your stuck in prison?  
Do you blame yourself for what goes on “wrong” in your environment? 
What’s on the other side of your prison gates? 
What if you are already in the beautiful forests of life? 
Go to the front door of your house.  As you stand inside, think about all the “bad” things you think you have done. 
Next, find something outside to focus your attention on:  trees, grass, the sky or a plant.  In your mind, tell yourself a story about how freedom will feel if you could go outside.  Feel your feet planted so firmly on the ground that you can’t move.  
Remember the times when you felt “stuck”, when you saw no way out?  You saw other people who looked happy and wondered: “why do they get to have all the fun?  What did I do that is so “bad”?”  
Take a deep breath.  
Give up the incessant thoughts in your mind. 
Give it all up, surrender.  Open the door and run outside.  Put your bare feet in the earth.  Hug a tree.  Allow your mind to empty.  Shake your body and release all that pent up energy.  Appreciate the freedom of letting go.  Realize that you made up “Stories” about being “bad” or “not good enough”.  Tao Mind, is just another way of saying: “ The natural flow of life”. 
Is there really a prison? 
Is it all made up in my mind? 
Did I create all these “stories”? 
Perhaps, I am living in Paradise. 
Perhaps, I have been there all along!
For deeper study:
The Tao of Forgiveness by William Martin
To explore this in depth with Lynetta:
Written in Love,
Lynetta Ann Avery
Soul Wizard

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