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Hi!  I'm Lynetta Avery.

Until my 30s, I experienced physical, emotional and sexual traumas.

I felt betrayed by family and religion.

I lived in constant fear.  I trusted no one.  I couldn't sleep at night.

Year-after-year, I dealt with failed relationships and financial struggles.

Eventually, I realized that to stop these patterns—I NEEDED NEW TOOLS!
I spent the next 25 years finding the best ones to heal my trauma & PTSD and learn how to love and trust again.
I wrote DO THE WORK so YOU don’t waste 25 years of YOUR life figuring it all out.
In each chapter, you will get the best tools to:
  • Identify past trauma
  • See the impact on your current life
  • Set a goal for the new life you'd like to create
  • Clear the trauma
  • Reap the rewards
The results will be...
 ☑  More peace
 ☑  More money
 ☑  More love
Your life is too precious to waste any more time in pain.
These tools worked for me and they can work for you.
Together, let’s DO THE WORK.
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