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★★★★★ "Offers paths to find one's OWN answers" - Dorothy

★★★★★ "Resources to support the path to inner peace" - Grace

★★★★★ "Excellent key to unlock the door to Why your life is the way it is" - Bill Mundy

Meet Mark and Lynetta

Mark and Lynetta have the courage of a lion and lioness to tackle our deepest pains, darkest fears and even embrace our inner villain.  They have finely-tuned dissonance detectors for Victim and Villain consciousness.

Their three-fold program Clear, Claim, Command provides deep spiritual understanding of life, full inner peace, release of all past pain and full integration of the Divine Twins—LOVE and POWER.  From this place, you will truly become a God/Goddess in your own world.

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Coaching Results

Catherine R.

Mark and Lynetta's supportive strength, perceptiveness, and wisdom cleared a lifetime of stuff in my way.
At times, we laughed uproariously together which helped me heal both physically and emotionally and I now have new love in my life. 

Chuck H.

I got to the root of childhood traumas I had never shared with anyone.  Now, I'm remarried and I got my kids back in my life.

Brianna A.

I cleared deep-seated beliefs around family and my former marriage.  The progress I made with their assistance would have taken me so much longer on my own.  Everyone deserves to have such support on their spiritual path!


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