A Mother & Son Bond

spirituality Sep 26, 2020

Meet Summer and Liam. 

I had a dream this morning that a small baby boy was in my arms.  He was deeply peacful as Liam is with Summer holding him.  I could feel the baby breathing with me.  It was the deepest feeling of contentment the bond I felt in the dream of Mother and Son united in one Breath.  

When I woke up,  this picture was sent to me by my Spiritual Sister Summer. 

The bond feels strong between mother and son. 

When Mother knows that her son is an individual with his own dreams and desires. 

Summer has modeled this for me.  She listens to her son.  She has the courage to stand up when she knows it is for Liam’s highest good. 

I was still yearning for my Mother’s approval,  I allowed my Mother and Sister to partially raise my son.  I thought they would do a better job.  

I was not available to be a Mother back then.  

In the last couple of years we have become closer.  There...

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Being a Clear Channel

spirituality Sep 24, 2020

The image above is an Example of when our Chi is blocked.

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy flowing through you like a river through your central channel in Sanskrit this is called the Sushumna. 
Sushumna is the central channel and is associated with the river Saraswati. Saraswati, is a Sanskrit fusion word of saras (सरस) meaning "pooling water".
Imagine the central channel along your chakras is like a river, if the river is blocked by a damn it can stagnate.  Our bodies consist of mostly water.  
Reiki clears stagnate chi allowing  energy to flow freely through the central channel or Sushmna. 
Stagnate chi drains our energy and creates emotional stickiness.  Reiki clears the stagnate chi, allowing your energy to flow freely in life.
You can find more on the subject of water in Emoto's book The Hidden Messages in Water published in 2004.
Imagine Reiki is the filter that...
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Manifest Rain Guided Experience

spirituality Sep 17, 2020
This Guided Experience brings in the much needed rains for our beloved States of California, Oregon and Washington.
Stand up... Create an imaginary circle on the ground in front of you. 
This is your circle of power. 
This Guided Rain Dance is for manifesting rain in California, Oregon and Washington September 16th, 2020. 
Play the sound of rain on your device. 
Look at the Sigil/symbol for rain. 
Dance with feeling...
Breathe into your body the feeling of rain pouring down from the skies...
California Rains
Oregon Rains
Washington Rains
Clean, Pure Water falling from Father Sky.
Mother Earth comforted by the rains.
Air is purified and clean
Breathe and feel pure clean air
Every movement in your body is manifesting rains for the West. 
West the element of water. 
We have learned the lessons from smoke
Smudging our beloved Skies
Teaching us the ways of Clarity 
Teaching us to listen to Mother Nature
We mark all lessons as complete
We feel...
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Mirror, Mirror

Mark here.

At a workshop Lynetta and I attended, one of the facilitators shared: "If you're not in relationship now, get in relationship because it's your best teacher".

Sage advice.

When you're working on yourself, you need mirrors.  We need people who can look at us from the 'outside' and see what's really going on.  We might think we see the 'reality' of the world but really we are all looking out at the world through the lenses of our beliefs.

The proof?  How many times have you seen someone claiming to be stuck in a situation that you could clearly see a solution to?

We may have been taught that a friend is supposed to 'support you' no matter what.

But a real friend is someone who will tell you the truth about what they see, even if you might not want to hear it.

That's a mirror.

And the best mirror of all is a soulmate who is keen to work on themselves and supports you to do your work.

There's no criticism, no making wrong.  Just...

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This Much Freedom? The Soul View

Mark here.  

Lynetta is quite active in a Facebook group that helps ex-Jehovah's Witnesses rebuild their lives.

Many of the moderators are great at helping ex-JW's release the dogmas they grew up with and deal with the pain of being shunned and having to leave family and friends behind.

But years or decades after leaving the religion, anger is still often detectable in ex-JW's.

There is a gratitude to being free of the dogmas, rules, fears, laws, restrictions.  But there is still a sadness and anger often expressed due to 'losing so many years of life'.

For Lynetta, only the Soul-View has fully released all of the anger and sadness and helped her fully reclaim her power.

The Soul-View, which we share in The Foundation Teachings, is the view of life we  get when we leave this world and reevaluate our life from the higher perspective of our soul.  From this vantage point, we achieve complete peace about everything...

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The Worthiness Trap


Previously, we shared why we banned "Perfect" from our vocabulary.

Next on our not-helpful-words hit list is "Worthy".

You'll often hear 'worthy' in a lot of affirmations such as: "I am worthy of God's love", "I am worthy of receiving money" and so on. 

The reason we don't use worthy anymore is because worthy implies that we have to do something to be worthy.

And, our brilliant minds can always come up with 2 types of reasons why we are NOT worthy.  Either I'm not enough such as: "I'm not kind enough, supportive enough, charitable enough".  Or, I'm too much of something such as: "I'm too bossy, too controlling, too loud, too opinionated."

Our belief is that our Creator has fully empowered us to create anything we want in our life.  We don't have to earn it, deserve it, beg for it, plead for it.  We can have it just because we desire it.  In short, our creator 'wants' us to create desires...

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Embracing our 'Dark' Side

As Souls, one of the archetypes we love to play in is the Victim.  Everyday we read about people who have been victimized by others.

When we take the Soul-View that we may actually have chosen to be victims (you'll have to ready Journey of Souls to really get this), we can find peace with our victimhood and eventually even find empowerment in it.

But harder than owning our victimhood is to own that we have also been the villain.  To put it in the Soul View, we have all been thiefs, rapists, murderers in past lives.

And we may also have done some victimizing of others even in this lifetime.  Owning all of this is often called embracing our shadow.

I learned this early in my first marriage.  I did not have good relationship tools at the time and had poor examples from my own family growing up.

I remember making agreements with my wife which I didn't keep.  When she would call me on it, instead of owning up to my failure...

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The Perfect Trap -- Part 2

This part 2 about the "Perfect" problem--what do we do about that voice in our head that constantly nags us about not being good enough, worthy enough--in short--not being perfect.

One answer is to go to the source of the 'problem'--all the way back to the belief that such a thing as perfect even exists.

To do this, let's talk about the Six basic human needs according to Tony Robbins.

One way we can look at ourselves as human beings is that we have certain 'attributes'.  Attributes are things like adventurous, timid, outgoing, shy, friendly, loud, persistent, giving, forceful, etc.

All human beings are a collection of different attributes.  I may be adventurous, loud, forceful, persistent. You may be soft-spoken, thoughtful, supportive, impatient.

All attributes have their opposite.  If I am adventurous, I'm not timid.  If I am forceful, I'm not quiet.  Graphically, I can illustrate this by putting human attributes on a 'yardstick' with an...

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The Perfect Trap -- Part 1

spirituality Mar 27, 2018

 Hi,  Mark here.  Lynetta and I have a list of words we've 'banned' from our vocabulary because we find them disempowering.

Over the next several emails, we're going to share them with you.

#1 on our list--the word "Perfect"

Why is Perfect a problem?  Perfection should be all dreamy and well, perfect, right?

Consider the following:

One of our biggest roadblocks to being completely at peace with ourselves is that deep down, we may think there is something wrong with us. 

This comes often from dysfunctional families that so many of us grew up in.  If there was discord or worse, abuse, we may believe deep down that we may have been at fault.

We may end up believing we are not good enough, lovable enough, acceptable enough. 

And we may end up with a list of 'shoulds'--way should be this way or that--more of this, less of that.

We should be more loving, giving, kind, understanding, patient, accepting.  We should be less judgmental, critical, loud,...

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I got triggered - Part 3

Mark again.  One more technique for dealing with someone else's emotional blowups. 

By-the-way, I'm assuming here that we are NOT talking about a situation where there is any possibility of real physical danger.  If there is, take proper care of your safety.

This technique goes back to the Soul View of people and who we are and why we are here.  If you haven't studied these questions yet, take a look at The Foundation Teachings or get Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls from Dr. Michael Newton.

To summarize the Soul View briefly, we all have our Soul Objectives for being in this world.  We want to have certain experiences.  We may actually want to experience challenging relationships.

To accomplish these Soul Goals, as Souls before we incarnate, we enlist each other to be 'actors' in each other's life play.

This may include treating each other in life in less than the highest ways.

If you've...

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