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Energy Flow

soul wizards Oct 22, 2019
I asked for topics and you answered. 

You want to know about Energy Flow

The particular energy we are talking about is Spiritual Energy. 
This energy is considered a universal life force or spiritual source energy that exists in all living matter.
It's considered the life force that binds the soul to the body.  In this concept, the soul is itself everlasting.  There are many religions that define spiritual energy and teach how to receive it.
Energy Flow is not visible to our 3 dimensional eyes.  It can’t be measured in a laboratory.  You can’t buy it at the mall.  You can’t find it in Religion,  although Religion may point to it.  You can’t find it in books.  I can’t give you the formula for Energy Flow. 
What I can do is point to how it feels when you are in FLOW. 
The Yogi’s say it’s found in Prana, our breath. 
The Native Indians point to Mother Earth and Father Sky.
Christians point to the Bible, where they speak of the Holy Spirit. 
Judaism calls it Ruach, Spirit. 
This is my spin on it!  You tune into what feels in alignment for you 
Signs that you’re in the Flow:
You think about someone who you want to see and they call you. 
Example: You think about an old childhood friend you have not seen nor heard from in over 45 years and she finds you on Facebook.  This happened to me yesterday.  What a joyful experience. 
Think about a time when this happened in your life.  How did you feel?
You know what your next step is,  you have great clarity and focus.   Everything falls into place with ease.  Opportunities come your way. 
Some call it luck. 
To the one experiencing, it is flowing down a river of Grace. The waters are smooth and calm.  There is no concern about hitting rocks. 
Your external world may not have changed at all, circumstances have nothing to do with this internal state of consciousness.  
What used to be a great challenge is now child’s play.  Breathing is easy in this space. 
Synchronicity is your currency.  Opportunities are boundless in this Space.  You are Guided by an internal compass that knows.  
Fear is a thing of the past.  Flow knows there is nothing to fear. 
What is getting in the way of your Flow? 
It’s like the kink in your water hose.  If you want to find out where the blockage is you follow the hose until you find the Source of the kink. 
Possible Causes for your Kink: 
  • You have blockages that are inherited by your ancestors
  • You are influenced by the collective consciousness
  • You made meaning out of what happened in your life

As children,  we take in our environment like a sponge.  We believe that we are the cause of everything that goes “wrong”.  If we can figure out what we did “wrong”, then the insanity will stop.

Here’s how to take the kinks out of in hose:
First, Energetically release your inheritance from your ancestors:
Shake your body and affirm:
I am not defined by what my ancestors believe
I am in Flow with Universal Love Energy” 
Second, Clear the Collective Consciousness
Imagine the world is in your hands.  Feel the energy of the collective in your hands, bounce your hands towards each other.  Breathe deeply into your body and affirm:
“ I am that I AM,  the collective consciousness is in the hands of Source.” 
Shake your body and release the ball of energy. 
Last but not least, clear where you have made meaning out of what has happened to you in life: 
You are not defined by your thoughts or your feelings.   What happened is not who you are.  You did nothing “wrong”.  What happened, happened.  Loving what is,  is the way to stop the insanity.   Loving yourself exactly as you are is the end to all human suffering. 
When you truly get that you are the flow of life then you know there is nothing that can bring you harm.  
You are an eternal living entity.  You are the Master of this Universe.  We all are.  Your mind might argue.  Let it say whatever it wants to say about it.  When you are in flow,  you know, it’s that simple. 
I know this can be a very challenging concept if your new to this train of thought.  It has taken me 30 years of tuning into my Soul Wisdom.  Take your time,  you have eternity.  Trust in your gut instincts. 
You are the compass set to True North.  It’s all inside of you.  
Flowing with the Universe is also known as the Tao. 
Thank you for taking the time to dive into this expansive topic. 
If you would like to have clarity on any other topics leave your comments on my Facebook feed. 
May the Flow be with you,
Lynetta Ann Avery 

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