Making Love for the First Time

the soulmate kit Nov 03, 2019
My husband Mark and I have been married almost 5 years.  Yet, we just made love for the first time! 
We have been sexually intimate before.  But, I was never fully present until today.
As Mark and I were about to make love this morning,  I felt a twinge deep inside.  My irritation meter was going off! 
When I get irritated, it's always because of unresolved hurt from the past.  So we put on our healing hats and did some digging together.
I realized I still had anger and irritation from agreements we had at the beginning of  our relationship when we were poly.
I had been taught by my mother that I had to keep my man sexually satisfied, no matter what!
I also thought I needed to be "Enlightened" about polyamory and open relationships.
I realize now that even though there was full consent of everyone, I had buried resentments.   
Mark and I have both been coaches and...
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Gratitude in Relationships

the soulmate kit Oct 28, 2019
Gratitudes can cause an immediate shift from low energetic states like sadness or hurt to greater happiness and joy.
That's why we designed Week 1 of The Soulmate Kit to start with gratitude practices.
We have much experience from being in relationships that did not work.  From these, we learned what does work.  
In the past, I experienced relationships with people who had similar patterns to my family's dynamics. 
 After many years of listening to my complaining about my relationships, a friend asked me "What is the common denominator in your miserable relationships?"
Shift!--I was the common denominator.  No matter who I am with, I am the one pointing the finger!   I'm playing the "blame game".
So how do you get out of playing the "blame game"?  Use Gratitude.

Let's look at some examples:
Blame Game:  If not for you,  I would have my dream home. 
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The Burden of Beauty

the soulmate kit Oct 27, 2019

Do you see yourself as beautiful? Wonder where your ideas about beauty come from?

A NY Times article below demonstrates how easily we have been programmed by the media. It used to be that in Fiji ''You've gained weight'' was a traditional compliment. Eating disorders were not common. 3 years after American TV was introduced in 1995, almost 30% of teen girls thought they were fat and eating disorders were up to 15%.

According to Psychology Today, Fifty-six percent of women say they are dissatisfied with their overall appearance especially with their bellies (71 percent).

How do you get to peace with and even love your body, no matter what your weight, shape or appearance? That's where week 3 of the Soulmate Kit ( comes in.

You'll tackle Appearance, Fat, Food and Pain.

You will learn to see your body through the lens of Self-Love and release the voices of self-criticism.

You will lavish your body with praise, gratitude and acknowledgements.

See the NY Times...

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