Your a Burden!

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2021

I am 56 years old and still I struggle asking to be paid for my work. 

Can you relate to this struggle? 

Mark and I sat down to dig into the source of this challenge.  I sank deep inward with the intention to listen to my body. 

Listen in as I go through the feelings.  

Listen for what you can relate to.  

As you listen do your own inner work. 

Go to the root cause. 

As I feel into charging for my teaching, feeling into my body for the root cause...

I feel the ache in my tummy.  What is buried there? I hear a voice: “ You are a burden.  You are a leech! “. 

That’s my Dad speaking!

My Dad called us leeches as children! 

I was an accidental birth, Dad did not want to take responsibility for me financially.  And to make things worse Mom & Dad got pregnant three more times! 

Creator to take these voices to the light!  

I feel the lineage of beliefs drain from my body.

Into the light it...

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A Mother & Son Bond

spirituality Sep 26, 2020

Meet Summer and Liam. 

I had a dream this morning that a small baby boy was in my arms.  He was deeply peacful as Liam is with Summer holding him.  I could feel the baby breathing with me.  It was the deepest feeling of contentment the bond I felt in the dream of Mother and Son united in one Breath.  

When I woke up,  this picture was sent to me by my Spiritual Sister Summer. 

The bond feels strong between mother and son. 

When Mother knows that her son is an individual with his own dreams and desires. 

Summer has modeled this for me.  She listens to her son.  She has the courage to stand up when she knows it is for Liam’s highest good. 

I was still yearning for my Mother’s approval,  I allowed my Mother and Sister to partially raise my son.  I thought they would do a better job.  

I was not available to be a Mother back then.  

In the last couple of years we have become closer.  There...

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Being a Clear Channel

spirituality Sep 24, 2020

The image above is an Example of when our Chi is blocked.

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy flowing through you like a river through your central channel in Sanskrit this is called the Sushumna. 
Sushumna is the central channel and is associated with the river Saraswati. Saraswati, is a Sanskrit fusion word of saras (सरस) meaning "pooling water".
Imagine the central channel along your chakras is like a river, if the river is blocked by a damn it can stagnate.  Our bodies consist of mostly water.  
Reiki clears stagnate chi allowing  energy to flow freely through the central channel or Sushmna. 
Stagnate chi drains our energy and creates emotional stickiness.  Reiki clears the stagnate chi, allowing your energy to flow freely in life.
You can find more on the subject of water in Emoto's book The Hidden Messages in Water published in 2004.
Imagine Reiki is the filter that...
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Manifest Rain Guided Experience

spirituality Sep 17, 2020
This Guided Experience brings in the much needed rains for our beloved States of California, Oregon and Washington.
Stand up... Create an imaginary circle on the ground in front of you. 
This is your circle of power. 
This Guided Rain Dance is for manifesting rain in California, Oregon and Washington September 16th, 2020. 
Play the sound of rain on your device. 
Look at the Sigil/symbol for rain. 
Dance with feeling...
Breathe into your body the feeling of rain pouring down from the skies...
California Rains
Oregon Rains
Washington Rains
Clean, Pure Water falling from Father Sky.
Mother Earth comforted by the rains.
Air is purified and clean
Breathe and feel pure clean air
Every movement in your body is manifesting rains for the West. 
West the element of water. 
We have learned the lessons from smoke
Smudging our beloved Skies
Teaching us the ways of Clarity 
Teaching us to listen to Mother Nature
We mark all lessons as complete
We feel...
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Tired of feeling Alone? Get YOUR Soulmate!

love and relationships Jul 12, 2020

If You are reading this, you are tired of feeling alone.  

You want to feel seen, heard and embraced everyday with your Soulmate.

That’s why we created the Soulmate App.

The Soulmate App has ground-breaking, cutting edge tools to clear soulmate blocks, get your own greatness and magnetize your Beloved to you. 

The Soulmate App is a 8 week course that gives you the best of:

  • How to get clear your Soulmate Blocks
  • How to get your Greatness
  • How to magnetize your Beloved to you 
  • 30 years of transformational work
  • 50 Years of Wisdom from heart-wrenching break-ups

You get not just our training but the practical application of how we put these tools to work and live it daily.  

We have room for only 7 more Soulmate Seekers.  The Journey starts July 16th, 2020 Thursday 7PM PST on Zoom.

To Register go to: The Soulmate App 


Mark and Lynetta 

P.S. Registration closes midnight July 15th.  



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Be a Big Russian Doll!

emotional release Dec 09, 2019

As a young girl, I admired my mother so much that I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.  

She was a gifted seamstress.  When she went to a wedding, she made the perfect outfit.  Her dresses looked just like the Spiegel catalog dresses. 

I remember wearing look alike dresses.   My Mom had style, class and elegance.  

She delighted in cooking and serving us the most delicious meals.   When she tasted her food, she made yummy sounds.  I loved hearing those sounds.  I knew how happy she was when she made those yummy sounds. 

I totally admired my mom and wanted to be just like her.

In my teen years, I started exploring who I might be if I wasn't trying to be my mom.

Who am I?  What do I want for my life?  Who do I want to be when I grow up? 

I tried on different lifestyles.  I tried being a good Jehovah’s Witness like I was raised. 

But, It never felt like it was me.

I rebelled and joined my stoner...

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Making Love for the First Time

the soulmate kit Nov 03, 2019
My husband Mark and I have been married almost 5 years.  Yet, we just made love for the first time! 
We have been sexually intimate before.  But, I was never fully present until today.
As Mark and I were about to make love this morning,  I felt a twinge deep inside.  My irritation meter was going off! 
When I get irritated, it's always because of unresolved hurt from the past.  So we put on our healing hats and did some digging together.
I realized I still had anger and irritation from agreements we had at the beginning of  our relationship when we were poly.
I had been taught by my mother that I had to keep my man sexually satisfied, no matter what!
I also thought I needed to be "Enlightened" about polyamory and open relationships.
I realize now that even though there was full consent of everyone, I had buried resentments.   
Mark and I have both been coaches and...
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Gratitude in Relationships

the soulmate kit Oct 28, 2019
Gratitudes can cause an immediate shift from low energetic states like sadness or hurt to greater happiness and joy.
That's why we designed Week 1 of The Soulmate Kit to start with gratitude practices.
We have much experience from being in relationships that did not work.  From these, we learned what does work.  
In the past, I experienced relationships with people who had similar patterns to my family's dynamics. 
 After many years of listening to my complaining about my relationships, a friend asked me "What is the common denominator in your miserable relationships?"
Shift!--I was the common denominator.  No matter who I am with, I am the one pointing the finger!   I'm playing the "blame game".
So how do you get out of playing the "blame game"?  Use Gratitude.

Let's look at some examples:
Blame Game:  If not for you,  I would have my dream home. 
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The Burden of Beauty

the soulmate kit Oct 27, 2019

Do you see yourself as beautiful? Wonder where your ideas about beauty come from?

A NY Times article below demonstrates how easily we have been programmed by the media. It used to be that in Fiji ''You've gained weight'' was a traditional compliment. Eating disorders were not common. 3 years after American TV was introduced in 1995, almost 30% of teen girls thought they were fat and eating disorders were up to 15%.

According to Psychology Today, Fifty-six percent of women say they are dissatisfied with their overall appearance especially with their bellies (71 percent).

How do you get to peace with and even love your body, no matter what your weight, shape or appearance? That's where week 3 of the Soulmate Kit ( comes in.

You'll tackle Appearance, Fat, Food and Pain.

You will learn to see your body through the lens of Self-Love and release the voices of self-criticism.

You will lavish your body with praise, gratitude and acknowledgements.

See the NY Times...

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Energy Flow

soul wizards Oct 23, 2019
I asked for topics and you answered. 

You want to know about Energy Flow

The particular energy we are talking about is Spiritual Energy. 
This energy is considered a universal life force or spiritual source energy that exists in all living matter.
It's considered the life force that binds the soul to the body.  In this concept, the soul is itself everlasting.  There are many religions that define spiritual energy and teach how to receive it.
Energy Flow is not visible to our 3 dimensional eyes.  It can’t be measured in a laboratory.  You can’t buy it at the mall.  You can’t find it in Religion,  although Religion may point to it.  You can’t find it in books.  I can’t give you the formula for Energy Flow. 
What I can do is point to how it feels when you are in FLOW. 
The Yogi’s say it’s found in Prana, our breath. 
The Native Indians point to Mother Earth...
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