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Keep your Furry Friends Alive!

soul wizards Oct 18, 2019

Auggie is pure love.  

He has soft eyes, a gentle Spirit.  Auggie knows pain after being brutally abused for many years, yet he never lost hope.  Auggie is a great comforter to children.  He is a lover of nature.  Auggie has seen tough times.  He has been beaten down. 
Auggie never loses heart.  He listens to the trees, feels the sun on his face.  He dreams of being rescued.  
A little girl comes to Auggie looks into his eyes.  She feels his pain as her very own.  She tells her Dad, “We have to take Auggie home with us.  He is tied to the tree in the backyard and his tail is broken,  he needs us.” 
Auggie is a gorgeous german shepherd.  Little Netta takes Auggie off the chain and places him gently in the car.  When we get home Auggie, I will bathe you, feed you and give you a warm soft place to sleep. 
She promises Auggie,  “You will never be beaten again!  We are family now.”
Auggie listens closely,  he trusts the little girl.
They get into the car.  Auggie looks back at the dark yard where he was chained.  He wonders what his new home will be like.  He knows only abuse,  but this little girl is offering love. 
Little Netta is pets Auggie all the way home.  She dreams about playing house together.  Auggie is family now.  
Imagine all the places we will go together!  When Mom and Dad are busy,  Auggie and I can keep each other company! 
Auggie is the essence of pure unconditional love in our family.  We thought we were rescuing him.  In truth,  he rescued us.  
Auggie no longer lives in this world.  He is now my Spirit Animal.   We journey together in my guided meditations.  I have not held my Auggie Doggie in 50 years,  but in my Guided Journeys, it feels as though he is alive in my heart and in my thoughts. 
Auggie is my Guide, my comfort, my best friend.   We run in meadows and go on adventures together.  Auggie is kind and gentle with me.  We have a strong connection in Spirit. 
If you have lost a furry family member and feel a deep loss in your heart,  you can comfort yourself by sharing precious time together in a Guided Meditation.  
Imagine yourself sitting in your favorite place in nature and your furry friend leaps into your lap,  licking your face all over in pure joy!  
What if you could have visits everyday in your imagination,  visits that feel so real that you can hardly tell the difference.  We are that powerful.  
Our imagination is the way we create our internal reality.  Your intention, imagination and feelings create the reality that you are experiencing.  
Look around the room,  everything you can see was once imagined,  felt and then action brought it into matter.  
What if what we imagine is “reality” and what is materialized is the dream?  If that were true...WOW!  We can be anywhere, do anything and even be with our dearly loved pets again! 
If you’re truly comforted being with your pet again, do you care how that happens?  Are you ready to give it a whirl?  What do you have to lose?  Let’s begin!  
Find yourself a comfortable place to lay down.  I have a video with a Guided Meditation, you can start the video now. 
Enjoy your furry friend! 
Created with all my Love,
Lynetta Ann Avery
Soul Wizard 

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