Authentic Lovemaking

Is your lovemaking authentic? 

  • Are you revealing all of YOU?  
  • Do you feel deeply passionate and juicy?  
  • Are you holding some of you back? Do you know what? 
This topic of authentic lovemaking came up when I realized I was not that interested in lovemaking anymore.
I discovered two things running in my subconscious that were getting in the way of authentic lovemaking.
The first was I still felt crushed by Don Juan, my former, Latin lover.  I was still grieving the loss of that passionate relationship, where ultimately, I felt betrayed by passion. 
According to Ramtha, we don’t have a life purpose for being here.  We are all Creators.  We choose our life according to whatever we desire.  Nothing that we desire is ever “wrong, bad, a mistake or failure”.  There will be no regrets at the end of our lifetime unless we choose to be in regret. 
I am a great experimenter in life....
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