Soul Wizards Know That We Are Never Alone

soul wizards Oct 05, 2019

Soul Wizards know that we are never alone.  We are the ones who chose to forget that we are one with Source.  We chose to forget our heavenly home.  When we chose to come here to planet earth, we knew we would experience separation and loneliness. 

We eagerly came to experience the variety that life offered us.  

We knew we would have great contrasts of sadness and joy,  times of frustration and times of fulfillment.  We knew before we chose to come to earth that humans use food, money, sex, drugs, drink, TV, religion and gambling as a way to fill the emptiness.  

We agreed to come to earth to participate in the era of ascension for our planet earth,  when everyone on earth comes to the realization that we are not alone. 

We have never been alone

We are all participating in a unifying field that gently pulls back the veil of separation.  As a collective consciousness, we wipe the sleepiness from our third eye and see through the eyes of Source.  We hear the subtle whispers on the wind.  We take the wedge of separation out and close the gap.  We feel connected to everything and everyone.  

We drop what we are “doing” and allow Universal Love to flow through our bodies.

 We let go deeply, letting go even more.... 

We surrender to the natural flow of life. 

Guided Meditation 

This meditation will take you on a Journey within.   

You will connect with that part of you that remembers who you are. 

Find a quiet place in nature to relax for 15 minutes.

Record this guided meditation in your own voice and play it back to yourself. 

Keep the pace of your voice slow and relaxed. 

Close your eyes and take 3 deep cleansing breaths.  

Make your body as comfortable as possible. 

Feel gravity pulling you down towards the earth.  Allow your body to melt so deeply into the earth you feel the energy of the earth wrapping you in a warm soft blanket. 

Feel your pulse and the earth pulse beat with one Heart (use your imagination, best as you can, with practice it will become more real)

Take deep relaxed breaths.  In your imagination, feel the wedge of separation between you and your Source, the times when you felt all alone, that no one cares about you and no one has your back. 

Scan your body with your awareness and feel where that wedge lives in your body. 

Take both hands and gently remove the wedge.  Give gratitude for the wedge that was created on purpose to forget where you came from and who you are. 

Give it to Source.  Feel the spaciousness in your body.  Fill it with warm golden light, soothing and comforting.  This Golden Light is the Essence of Source filling you. 

Allow the Golden Light of Source to fill your entire body.  Allow Source to fill your consciousness.  Allow Source to fill your subconscious mind.  Allow Source to fill your every cell and into your DNA with a knowing of who you are. 

Oneness with Source 

Give yourself time to bathe in the Golden Light of Source. 

When you are ready, begin to move your fingers and toes.  

Open your eyes, take in your surroundings.  Bring this knowingness into your everyday life.  How does your external world shift after your internal experience? 

If you did not experience much going on internally, do not give up. 

Everyday for the next 21 days,  come back to your Guided Meditation.  

Re-write it with words that feel more aligned with you. Personalize it. 

The day you begin this practice,  start a new journal and write down what you experience every time you do this meditation.  At the end of the 21 days notice how your life has blossomed. 

There is so much Joy in life!  May you experience yours more fully! 

With so much love,


Soul Wizard 



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