The Wish Game

soul wizards Oct 11, 2019
What is your wish for today?
In this blog, Mark and I share how we Create our day.  How we manifest our Wishes to come true and how we can support you in manifesting all of your Wishes. 
Every morning Mark and I ask each other:
What do you want to Create today? 
Mark said:
 “Yesterday, we had a cherished item appear magically.  We searched high and low for this item for over a month. There is no doubt about it, pure magic. 
Today, I want something big to show up, that delights me.
What delights me?  
I want to dance with my wife.
My body feels really good, except my jaws, the last hold out. 
I want to experience a full release in my jaws.” 
After Mark expressed his wish, I thought about my own.  What do I wish?  I have a deep yearning within me, to resolve my feelings with my family.  
I have wanted for as long as I can remember,  to have a family that really sees each other.  
A Family that has the following qualities:
We get into each other’s world, we really get each other. 
We may not agree, but we always honor each other’s choices. 
We do things for each other with great delight. 
We create a beautiful space in our home.  Create Space in our home where life is celebrated.  A Home Altar to honor nature. 
We listen to each other when we feel hurt, sad or fearful.  We embrace every emotion.  We welcome each other to have a sacred space in our heart. 
A Sanctuary to come to when the world feels too big. 
A Family Financial Freedom Account
A large sum of money that we collect every year to go into a Family Fund.  The money goes where we all agree upon. 
Accepting our Mates as part of the Family
Who ever we choose to be our life partner is accepted into our family fold. 
My Wish for today is resolving my Family issue for good. 
The Wish Game is a fun way to achieve my Wish.  I got out my cell phone and brought up my Wish Game app. 
I pulled a pearl of Wisdom card that read:
Treat Every Emotion as a Friend. 
That’s a challenge, I don’t like it when anyone get’s angry.  I can’t stand it when I get angry.  How can I embrace my anger? 
I chose a Crystal for my game piece. 
Sodalite: Dark Blue with White Striations
Qualities of Sodalite: Unites Logic and Intuition. Insight. Communication. Harmony. Interaction.
The next card I picked:  A Block Card
You are blocking your wish.
What don’t you want to hear? 
I don’t want to hear my family when they get angry.  How do I make Anger my friend?  
I thought about Grumpy in the 7 dwarfs.  Even though they have different personalities, they all work together to take care of Snow White.  Perhaps, my family is like the 7 dwarfs.  They all have different personalities.
But,  We can still work together. 
After Mark and I Create our day in bed (while we are snuggling), we finally climb out of bed, today it was around 11:00 am! WOW! That’s late!  It is our biggest challenge to climb out of bed. Snuggling and creating our day is so yummy! 
Mark went to make our green juice,  I went to do my Yoga and Meditation.  While I was meditating I saw a vision of my Family. 

I heard that it’s all a game.  Life is a Game.   

I saw my Mom, her wish is that all of her family make it into the Paradise Earth where we will live in harmony and perfection forever.  That’s the ultimate objective of her game.  I don’t agree with all the rules of her game, but I do feel in alignment with the ultimate objective of her game. 
My Dad,  he is doing something that I truly marvel at.  He goes up to the house where we were raised, a home that he signed over to Mom in the divorce, a home where Mom makes a list of repairs for him to do.  My Dad spends 2 weeks completing all these tasks.  He has done this twice already this year.  He has no strings attached, he gets nothing out of it, except one thing.  He wants to make sure our family home, his daughter and ex-wife are taken care of.  
My Son lives there on the family property,  he has his dogs with him.  He owns his  shop where he works on bikes and fulfills his dreams.  He takes care of his Grammy.   He is living a beautiful life. All his life he said to me over and over: “Mom, don’t worry, be happy. ”
I get that my family has one common ground.  We all want to see our loved ones happy.  We are connected by our common wish.  The Wish is to live eternally on a peaceful planet where we take care of each other.  
I found my Mt. Everest of Delights today!  My family has been right here with me in my heart all this time!  We are United in our common Wish. 
My question for you today, my dear friend;
  • What is your Wish? 
  • Have you made all of your emotions your friend? 
  • What is it you don’t want to hear? 
  • What is it that you don’t want to say out loud? 
  • Can you see your life as a Game? 
  • What is the objective of your Game? 
Get The Wish Game app on your cell.  
We can play the game together!  Imagine, all your wishes coming true!  
Like the Movie Aladdin says: “You ain’t never had a friend like me!”
One of my Wishes is to support YOU to realize, manifest and enjoy all of your wishes coming true! 
You play Aladdin, 
I play Jeannie, 
Game ON! 
Wishes Coming True, One Wish at a time, 
Lynetta Ann Avery
Soul Wizard

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