Soul Wizards Know and Embrace their Shadow

soul wizards Oct 04, 2019

We all have a “story” about what happened to us as children.  

Our story is safeguarded by the gatekeeper.  The gate keeper has one job, to keep our Essence safe.  

For Example:
Lynetta had a “story” that no one in her family really cared about her.  She had lot’s of proof to build her case.  As the years went by, she had more proof that no one cares. She even forgot her own Essence.  
She hid behind “people pleasing”. She didn’t feel accepted and loved. 
Then she turned her gaze inward.  Instead of looking outside herself for approval, she got curious about what was going on within.  She asked: ”What does it mean about who I am when my family ignores me?”  
It means: 

“I might as well not exist.”

Explore where your own Shadow Myth began.  
Imagine that you can see your whole lifetime in front of you on a timeline. Go back to a memory where you feel you were “not good enough”.  Imagine that you are in a theatre watching a live play of your “not good enough” memory.
As you watch the scene being played out, notice that everything and everyone is a prop in the play.  Take your younger self off of the stage and place a new actor/actress in to play the role of you as a child. 
Notice how the same family drama is being played out, even when you are not in the scene.  You were merely a actor/actress in the play called Family Drama!  As the scene comes to an end have everyone come to center stage and take a bow.  
You give your family a bouquet of roses, congratulating them in a magnificent play!  
Notice how you feel, considering that your family drama is all made up.  What if you could re-write the play? 
What if you are the writer of the scripts?  
Perhaps you can re-write the Family Play to be a comedy?  
Perhaps you can re-write it as a Sci-fi or Fantasy? 
It’s your turn to take a look at your “story”, the shadow aspect where you hide your Essence.  Bring your pain to the light and reveal the Treasures buried beneath. 
  • Write out your story in a fairytale style.  Begin with: Once upon a time....
  • When you are done writing your “story” of all the bad stuff that happened to you, write down what you made it mean about YOU.
  • Embrace your shadow “story”. As an example, Lynetta didn’t think anyone cared if she existed. 
  • What is the treasure or gift that came out of your Shadow Story. Example: Lynetta is a gifted storyteller. 
  • What is your Essence that you hid behind your Shadow?  Example: Lynetta’s Essence is Radiance.  A lighthouse to those who are lost. 
  • Create a new Fairytale Story about your Journey, how you embrace your shadow and Give yourself the role of Hero. 
In one of my all time favorite movies, Maleficent by Walt Disney,  Maleficent plays the role of the innocent victim, then the vengeful villain and at the very end of the movie (spoil alert) she is the hero.  
You could even play around with writing your own play this way. Try on being the Victim, Villain and Hero.  
A great book to explore more about the Shadow. 
The Secret of the Shadow written by Debbie Ford
And everyone lived Happily Ever Shadow! 
The End. 
Written with Love,
Lynetta Ann Avery 
Soul Wizard  

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