Abominable or Magnificent?

soul wizards Oct 10, 2019
Abominable, released in 2019, is an animated movie with deep spiritual insights including:
  • Ways to heal from loss of a Loved one
  • How Nature Supports you
  • The incredible power of Toning
The main character Yi, a young Chinese girl, lost her father and not given herself time to grieve and heal.  She purposely keeps herself busy to raise money for a trip across China.  Her father saved post cards from beautiful places across China he had always wanted Yi to see. Yi is determined to see these places. 
Yi runs into a Yeti living on her roof.  She discovers that he came from Mt. Everest.  She knows how hard it is to be separated from family, so she commits to getting the Yeti who she names Everest, back home to his family.  Everest is a magical creature who hums, glows in beautiful hues of iridescent blues, and nature correspondingly supports with her magic.
Spiritual Symbolism
Grieving and loss is a gateway to Spiritual connection with our loved ones.  Through the love that is shared between Yi, her father and their shared dream, she feels close to him.  
She commits to taking Everest home and Everest helps to fulfill her dream. 
Imagine, when you help someone achieve their dreams, that you also receive your dreams coming into reality.  What you give, you also receive.   
Everest Tones with closed eyes and a smile; he glows and nature responds to support his loved ones.  
If you drop into a deep base tone with your body similar to Everest, you will feel relaxed and disturbing thoughts simply dissolve.  A peace that transcends all fear, sadness, grief and loss, will settle into your whole being. 
The morning after we watched Abominable, Mark and I started to tone together.  We did this for about 20 min.  When we got up, we found a cap to my iPad pencil that was lost almost 2 months ago.  We had searched intently for it when we lost it with no success.
When  we got up this morning, it was sitting right on the sofa next to my iPad.  There is no way it could have gotten there from where it fell on the other side of our RV.  It was not there when we went to bed.  We keep our awareness open to signs and this was definitely a sign that we have support from the Universe! 
I know loss.  I have both a nephew and a niece who overdosed at only 22 and 23 years old. 
Our family was not prepared for this loss.  When my nephew Codie passed, my music was going on and off all on it's own.  I know that Codie was communicating with me through my music.  He gave us signs along the way that he was with us. 
My Sister Rachel and I both get communication from Codie and Kaylee.  We know that they are watching over our family.  They stay alive within our hearts. 
Be Aware
When a loved one ascends, look for signs that they are with you.  Continue doing what you loved to do when you were together.
If you had a dream together, go for it!  
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