I got triggered - Part 2

emotional release Mar 25, 2018

Mark again. More to share about dealing with other people's emotional issues.

It's great to get that someone else's blowup is all about them and some old trauma they are re-experiencing and has nothing to do with you.

Even if they are blaming you for whatever they are upset about, you are still just a 'stand-in' for whoever caused the original upset.

Now, knowing this is great BUT there's still the emotional 'blowback' to deal with.

One technique you may want to try on for these situations is the blast-fence technique.

Blast Fences which are also known as Jet blast Deflectors are commonly found at airports where a public road exists right at the beginning of an aircraft runway.  You may have seen them at San Jose airport in California or LaGuardia in New York.

When a jet plane is starting its takeoff, it directs powerful jet exhaust directly to its rear.  If there happen to be cars or people on the road right behind it, they can literally get...

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OK I admit it. I got triggered...

emotional release Mar 24, 2018

Mark speaking.

Lynetta and I are staying with my mom in LA and she has her challenges.

She gets frazzled when things don't go her way.  A minor fender bender, mahjong getting cancelled...

And she voices her irritation.

That by itself is not a problem.

However, I got irritated.  Now that IS a problem.

By now I know if I get irritated, it's because there's a story running behind the scenes about what's going on.

My story goes back to childhood and goes like this: "If someone is upset, it could be dangerous for me".  This was mostly about my dad who had a violent temper.  But if my mom said something about me to him...

So I have this old 'fear story' that when someone else is irritated, it may be dangerous for me.

So what to do when this comes up?  For me, it's back to my Avatar training:

Step 1: Remember it's not about you.

When someone is emoting, it's never really about you.  It's almost always triggering from our childhoods that hasn't been...

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Affirmative Prayer #3

spirituality Mar 23, 2018

The first 3 steps of Affirmative Prayer we covered so far are Acknowledging your Desire, Acknowledging your Creator and Feeling Oneness with Creator. 

Once you have that Oneness with Creator and are connected with the powers that Creator has, you are now ready for:

Step 4 -- Completion.  Completion is when our desired outcome is a felt reality right now.  You feel it even before it appears in your physical reality.  Current 'reality' is irrelevant here.  You feel your desire as-if it were already accomplished.

Step 5 is Gratitude.  Feel Gratitude for your completed desired outcome.  Again, feel the gratitude for what you desire as-if it has already manifested.

Step 6 is to Celebrate.  Let the good times roll!  Take off your shoes, put on your favorite jams and shake your booty!  You have done what not many people are willing to do--you followed through!

You started out with a desire that is close to...

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Affirmative Prayer #2

spirituality Mar 22, 2018

Lynetta again with Affirmative Prayer - Part 2.

My Sweetie Mark and I made some changes to the Affirmative Prayer Steps, there used to be 5 steps but now there are 6.  We realized that before you can have real affirmative prayer, you have to acknowledge your desires.  So we added this as the first step.

We have a video we have crafted for you to take you through the 6 Steps of Affirmative Prayer. 

Here are the 6 steps:

1. Acknowledge your Desire

2. Acknowledge your Creator

3. Feel Oneness with Creator 

4. Feel it's Completion

5. Gratitude

6. Celebrate

How do you know what your deepest desires are, when you have been burying them so deep in your ocean of concealment it would take a professional deep sea diver to find them? 

We get many calls from people who have buried their true desires so deeply they don't even have access to their dreams anymore.  We have learned to ask questions that take you deep into your consciousness to discover what...

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Affirmative Prayer #1

spirituality Mar 21, 2018

Lynetta here.

After spending over 25 years in strict religion, prayer meant pleading with an easily angered, judging God to grant us some crumbs of something we wanted even though we weren't 'worthy'.  

It wasn't performed out of love but rather necessity.  It emphasized our powerlessness to control our own lives since 'God' was in control.

When I left my religion and embarked on my spiritual quest, prayer was a casualty.  I left it behind as too dis-empowering.

When I got involved with Center for Spiritual Living, they taught me a completely different type of prayer.  This one was exciting, joyous, empowering.

Earnest Holmes gave us a simple 5 step Affirmative Prayer Treatment:

Step 1 )  Recognition of Source 

Step 2 ) Unification (I AM)

Step 3 ) Realization  (feeling it has been accomplished right now)

Step 4 ) Gratitude

Step 5 ) Release (let it go) 

In Part 2 of Affirmative Prayer,  I will show an example of how I say my...

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Who am I Really?

spirituality Mar 20, 2018


Hi, Lynetta here.

All my life, I've had deep questions no one could answer.  The biggest question that repeated over and over in my head was "Who am I?"

I could not find a good answer in the religion of my family of origin.  I looked in the scriptures, reading Genesis to Revelations.  There was nothing about "Who I am".

I searched other religions; they too had no answers for me. 

I asked the Native Indians. They brought me to Nature.  Even though it was not a direct answer to my life question, it did plant a seed that I am part of something bigger--I am connected to Nature.  I could feel that connection.  I was getting closer.

For a time, I tried drugs and sex to escape the question.  Yet still I held the question in my heart.

I scrambled through books, teachings, religions, philosophies, the metaphysical, self-improvement, Center for Spiritual Living, Self- Realization Centers, Yoga, Meditation and into an Ex-JW Empowerment Group....

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Have We Met Before?

love and relationships Mar 19, 2018

Hi!  Lynetta here.

Have you ever met someone who you felt a instant kinship with?  You have this feeling that you already know this person?  These are some of the signs that you are meeting someone from your Soul 'Group'.

There is much we will share about Soul Groups in the future.  Here, we're going to focus on one type of Soul Group relationship you already know about which is a Soul Mate.

A Soul Mate is a soul that you have been intimately involved in in previous incarnations.  You may have decided to have this level of intimate relationship in this life also.  

Here are some of the Signs that You have met your Soul Mate:

1 ) You just know.  It sounds crazy but it's true--you know it in your bones that you are Soul Mates. There is a inner calm together. 

2 ) You are best friends. You really get each other. You feel as though you have met your other half.  Energetically, it can feel like you have attracted your...

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Magic Wand #2: Acknowledgments

Hi!  Mark again.

This is Part #2--our 2nd magical technique for quickly shifting emotional and energetic states.

This is the magic wand of Acknowledgements.

Acknowledgements are when we see and speak out loud our own or someone else's greatness.

Acknowledgments can be a challenge because of our training about being humble, about not 'tooting our own horn'.

There is also a resistance from the ideas that we might become haughty or 'too big for our britches' or worrying about it 'going to our head.

If we want truly wish to live powerful lives, acknowledgements are keys to our empowerment.

So let's get started with acknowledging others since self-acknowledgment is more of a challenge.

There are different levels at which we can acknowledge someone.

One level is to express simple appreciation for something specific they did.  For example, I noticed how you spoke kindly to that woman.  I noticed how you made my favorite dinner.  I noticed how diligently...

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Magic Wand #1: Gratitudes


Mark here.

Sometimes when you're feeling down, it can be hard to pull yourself back up.

This is especially true when your mind might be fixating on everything that’s going wrong in your life.  

When this happens, we have two magic wands that can help.

The first magic wand is gratitudes.

Gratitudes are simple, fast and very effective at changing our mental and energetic state.

You can even use gratitudes when you’re in physical or emotional pain.

The key to gratitudes is to not take them too seriously and not spend a lot of time trying to get the 'right' ones.  Instead, just let them just start to roll off your tongue with no thinking at all.

Let's take some examples.

Say you're in physical pain--your foot hurts.  Start off with gratitudes as follows:

Wow, my arms feel great.  It feels wonderful to breathe in clean air.  My chair is quite comfortable.  My clothes are soft and warm.  I'm grateful I have plenty of food to...

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Can a Relationship be THIS good? #1

Mark here.

My relationship with Lynetta is the deepest I have ever experienced.

Just for starters, there is more love, appreciation, joy, support and honoring than I ever thought possible.

It wasn't always this way.  Many previous relationships bombed on multiple levels. 

So what does it take to create and continue growing an extraordinary relationship?

In the next series of emails, we're going to share what we've found from our own experience really works to create incredible love connections.

#1 on our list is letting go of the entire paradigm of good, bad, right and wrong.

This is a tough one being raised in a society where everything is rated as good or bad almost from birth:  "That's good".  "Don't do that--that's bad".

Toss in western religion with a God that judges everything as good or bad and we are off to live a life of duality--seeing everything and everyone through the lenses of right and wrong.

Lynetta and I both studied...

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