Tired of feeling Alone? Get YOUR Soulmate!

love and relationships Jul 12, 2020

If You are reading this, you are tired of feeling alone.  

You want to feel seen, heard and embraced everyday with your Soulmate.

That’s why we created the Soulmate App.

The Soulmate App has ground-breaking, cutting edge tools to clear soulmate blocks, get your own greatness and magnetize your Beloved to you. 

The Soulmate App is a 8 week course that gives you the best of:

  • How to get clear your Soulmate Blocks
  • How to get your Greatness
  • How to magnetize your Beloved to you 
  • 30 years of transformational work
  • 50 Years of Wisdom from heart-wrenching break-ups

You get not just our training but the practical application of how we put these tools to work and live it daily.  

We have room for only 7 more Soulmate Seekers.  The Journey starts July 16th, 2020 Thursday 7PM PST on Zoom.

To Register go to: The Soulmate App 


Mark and Lynetta 

P.S. Registration closes midnight July 15th.  




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