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A Mother & Son Bond

spirituality Sep 26, 2020

Meet Summer and Liam. 

I had a dream this morning that a small baby boy was in my arms.  He was deeply peacful as Liam is with Summer holding him.  I could feel the baby breathing with me.  It was the deepest feeling of contentment the bond I felt in the dream of Mother and Son united in one Breath.  

When I woke up,  this picture was sent to me by my Spiritual Sister Summer. 

The bond feels strong between mother and son. 

When Mother knows that her son is an individual with his own dreams and desires. 

Summer has modeled this for me.  She listens to her son.  She has the courage to stand up when she knows it is for Liam’s highest good. 

I was still yearning for my Mother’s approval,  I allowed my Mother and Sister to partially raise my son.  I thought they would do a better job.  

I was not available to be a Mother back then.  

In the last couple of years we have become closer.  There is trust developing between us.  I listened to his dissapointment, hurts and anger.  I acknowledged how suckie I was as a Mom.  I acknowledged all the rage that he vented.  

As he was sharing it I held myself back from interrupting to justify my actions. 

I knew that the first step in healing is to listen and acknowlege him. 

It does not matter how many years have passed. It is never too late to cultivate a healthy, loving bond between Mother and Son. 

Gardening teaches us how to nurture a Mother & Son bond:

Find good fertile land to plant your garden.  

Mother:  Vision seeing your son in your heart, this is a fertile place to nurture your Mother & Son garden.  

Choose your seeds:

  • Compassionate Cabbage 
  • Listening Leeks
  • Patient Pumkins
  • Reliable Radishes
  • Loving Lettuce 
  • Curious Carrots     

Plant your seeds in nutrient rich soils: 

Spend time listening to your son.  What are his dreams? How can you both nurture his dreams?  

  • Pull the weeds

When your son has doubts, reassure him that he has all the resources he needs, he has your support, the support of family & chosen family,  the wisdom within his heart to lead him to the grandest version of his life he can imagine. 

  • Pull those weeds of doubt and compost them! 
  • Pure Clear Waters:

If your son is still young share values that are important to you.   Ask him how he feels about your values.  Does he wish to adapt those into his own values?  Give him room to have his own values.  

  • Sunshine:

Acknowledge all thier emotions.  Embrace your sons hurts, upsets and dissapointment.  Show him how to befriend all his emotions. 

Acknowledge when he is hurt that he know things could be better.  

Validate his feelings. 

Envision him in his greatness.  When it comes time for him to make decisions for his life, be his greatest support.  

When it’s time for your son to leave home. Let your son have his life.  Release him to be the Powerful Man that he truly is.  He is not YOURS.  He belongs to himself. 

You belong to each other in LOVE not obligation.  

Teach him not to seek your approval.  Teach him to go within and listen to his intuition.  Teach him what it is to be aligned.  Teach him to trust his wisdom. 

When he falls down give him space, knowing that his foundation is strong.  He will rise up in his time.  Hold space for him to live in his greatness.  No matter what it looks like on the outside he is a Spark of the Divine. 

His mission in life may be blocked from your view.  He may have chosen a hard path  for his Soul’s evolution. 

Watch your garden grow.  Enjoy the sprouts as they grow into ripe fruits and vegtables.  Celebrate the harvest together.  Acknowledge every accomplishment no matter how big or small.  

If there are mistakes remind him, they are never mistakes. It is a stepping stone in the garden of life.  We are all on a learning curve.  If we find thorns in our garden we  don’t make them wrong.  We learn from them. 

When you are done harvesting your Mother & Son Garden set the banquet table, invite your friends and chosen family over and enjoy! 

Thank you to all Mothers & Sons.  What an amazing bond you have! 

Thank you to those who inspired this writing:

Summer Stephens & her son Liam

Ashton Keyes my Son.  He belongs to himself, ultimately! 

Written by Lynetta Ann Avery 

Grateful Mother 



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