Altar Building- for Health and Wealth

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2019
In todays blog, you will learn how to Create your own Altar for whatever you want to manifest in your life. 
Benefits of having a “working Altar”:
  • A place to focus your energy
  • A Sacred Space for devotion, gratitude and prayer
  • A tool for manifesting your dreams
  • A Beautiful Space to uplift your Spirits 
Altars have been built by our ancestors since the beginning of time.  You can see it in cave walls, drawings that give us a view into the world of our ancestors, they  drew images that displayed the important messages they wanted future generations to know about.  The images on the wall is a wall Altar. 
If you have a space where you place pictures of your loved ones, flowers and items that you treasure, you are creating an Altar.  
We naturally gather images that symbolize something of sentimental value.  If you have pictures of your loved ones up, you value those relationships, you want to have pictures up to...
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The Wish Game

soul wizards Oct 11, 2019
What is your wish for today?
In this blog, Mark and I share how we Create our day.  How we manifest our Wishes to come true and how we can support you in manifesting all of your Wishes. 
Every morning Mark and I ask each other:
What do you want to Create today? 
Mark said:
 “Yesterday, we had a cherished item appear magically.  We searched high and low for this item for over a month. There is no doubt about it, pure magic. 
Today, I want something big to show up, that delights me.
What delights me?  
I want to dance with my wife.
My body feels really good, except my jaws, the last hold out. 
I want to experience a full release in my jaws.” 
After Mark expressed his wish, I thought about my own.  What do I wish?  I have a deep yearning within me, to resolve my feelings with my family.  
I have wanted for as long as I can remember,  to have a family that really sees...
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Abominable or Magnificent?

soul wizards Oct 10, 2019
Abominable, released in 2019, is an animated movie with deep spiritual insights including:
  • Ways to heal from loss of a Loved one
  • How Nature Supports you
  • The incredible power of Toning
The main character Yi, a young Chinese girl, lost her father and not given herself time to grieve and heal.  She purposely keeps herself busy to raise money for a trip across China.  Her father saved post cards from beautiful places across China he had always wanted Yi to see. Yi is determined to see these places. 
Yi runs into a Yeti living on her roof.  She discovers that he came from Mt. Everest.  She knows how hard it is to be separated from family, so she commits to getting the Yeti who she names Everest, back home to his family.  Everest is a magical creature who hums, glows in beautiful hues of iridescent blues, and nature correspondingly supports with her magic.
Spiritual Symbolism
Grieving and loss is a gateway to Spiritual...
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Shamanic Drum Journey: To heal your Inner Child

soul wizards Oct 09, 2019
Core beliefs dictate the rules we live by. Everybody has them
They are formed in the early years of our lives and are based on our thoughts about our experiences.
By the time we are adults, most of us have developed very entrenched, deeply rooted, fundamental beliefs about ourselves. Psychologists refer to these as our CORE BELIEFS. 
Once established, they can prove very difficult to change without the aid of therapeutic interventions. 
” Sample core beliefs traumatic childhood experiences may create include:
  • OTHERS WILL ABANDON ME – This belief may develop if one/both parents abandoned us during our childhood.
  • I AM NOT WORTH OTHERS CARING ABOUT – This belief may develop if our parent/s focused far more on their own needs than our own.
  • I MUST BE SELF-SACRIFICING – This belief may develop if our parents ‘parentified‘ us—turned us into the...
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Finding and Nurturing the Love of Your Life

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2019
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No Where to Go

soul wizards Oct 07, 2019

Nowhere to go...

A story to take you from self-punishment to freedom, forgiveness and compassion.
Franco sat in a Prison for 20 years, locked behind bars, sitting in a dark cell.  
He felt his life getting darker and darker in the wastelands of his mind.  He yearned  to visit the beautiful waterfall he could see out his cell window, past the high voltage fence. 
He looked at his life and saw nothing but regret and disappointment.
Someday, perhaps he would be released.  
One day, he met with his parole committee.  After 20 years, he was finally eligible for parole. 
To his great disappointment, they reviewed his case and denied Franco his release.  He was returned to his prison cell, and resumed his longing for freedom beyond the walls.  
He felt depressed and suicidal.  In the torture of his mind, he simply could not take one more day of hell.  He decided, he’d rather...
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Soul Wizards are Driven

soul wizards Oct 06, 2019
Soul Wizards have an inner drive that inspires them to live life full-out!

They look at the world through the lens of total freedom. 

That is not the way that we started our journey.  Before we became Soul Wizards, we were limited by the beliefs we held.  We did not know that we were all powerful. 
We felt trapped by:
  • Financial Circumstances 
  • Our bank account dictating what we could and could not do. 
  • Relationship Angst
  • We thought we had to stay in a relationship that we “could not stand”. 
  • We were driven by family obligations. 

Do you feel trapped by your financial circumstances?

Do you wonder how long you will stay in a “suckie” relationship? 

Do you feel obligated to care for family? 

Do you feel “stuck” in a job you hate? 
You may have more to add to your list.  
What does it take to break-free from these “traps” that we find ourselves “stuck”...
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Soul Wizards Know That We Are Never Alone

soul wizards Oct 05, 2019

Soul Wizards know that we are never alone.  We are the ones who chose to forget that we are one with Source.  We chose to forget our heavenly home.  When we chose to come here to planet earth, we knew we would experience separation and loneliness. 

We eagerly came to experience the variety that life offered us.  

We knew we would have great contrasts of sadness and joy,  times of frustration and times of fulfillment.  We knew before we chose to come to earth that humans use food, money, sex, drugs, drink, TV, religion and gambling as a way to fill the emptiness.  

We agreed to come to earth to participate in the era of ascension for our planet earth,  when everyone on earth comes to the realization that we are not alone. 

We have never been alone

We are all participating in a unifying field that gently pulls back the veil of separation.  As a collective consciousness, we wipe the sleepiness from our third eye and see through the...

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Soul Wizards Know and Embrace their Shadow

soul wizards Oct 04, 2019

We all have a “story” about what happened to us as children.  

Our story is safeguarded by the gatekeeper.  The gate keeper has one job, to keep our Essence safe.  

For Example:
Lynetta had a “story” that no one in her family really cared about her.  She had lot’s of proof to build her case.  As the years went by, she had more proof that no one cares. She even forgot her own Essence.  
She hid behind “people pleasing”. She didn’t feel accepted and loved. 
Then she turned her gaze inward.  Instead of looking outside herself for approval, she got curious about what was going on within.  She asked: ”What does it mean about who I am when my family ignores me?”  
It means: 

“I might as well not exist.”

Explore where your own Shadow Myth began.  
Imagine that you can see your whole lifetime in front of you on a...
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Religious Trauma Recovery Panel

soul wizards Oct 03, 2019

In a panel of 3 ex-JW's, interviewed about our journey being a JW, what is the biggest challenges we went through, how we exited and how we are thriving now. We give you some tools in your own journey through religious recovery.

Shunning, one of the most abusive practice of high-pressure groups, is often the most obvious sign that a group is abusive. It tears families and communities apart, forcing many to choose between their faith and their loved ones. Whether it is called Shunning, Disconnection or Ostracism, the harsh reality of alienation ensures that those who leave the group are cut off absolutely, losing their entire community – friends, relatives, and their complete support system.
When you are raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses as a woman, they call you a Sister.  All the Sisters are trained to get married, have children, stay at home and spend all of their time out in field service. 
According to the JW:
11 Within...
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