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Manifest Rain Guided Experience

spirituality Sep 16, 2020
This Guided Experience brings in the much needed rains for our beloved States of California, Oregon and Washington.
Stand up... Create an imaginary circle on the ground in front of you. 
This is your circle of power. 
This Guided Rain Dance is for manifesting rain in California, Oregon and Washington September 16th, 2020. 
Play the sound of rain on your device. 
Look at the Sigil/symbol for rain. 
Dance with feeling...
Breathe into your body the feeling of rain pouring down from the skies...
California Rains
Oregon Rains
Washington Rains
Clean, Pure Water falling from Father Sky.
Mother Earth comforted by the rains.
Air is purified and clean
Breathe and feel pure clean air
Every movement in your body is manifesting rains for the West. 
West the element of water. 
We have learned the lessons from smoke
Smudging our beloved Skies
Teaching us the ways of Clarity 
Teaching us to listen to Mother Nature
We mark all lessons as complete
We feel Creators perspective on the fires, smoke and rain.
We re-establish our connection to Mother Earth. 
We feel our heartbeat and Gaia’s synchronize. 
We feel refreshing rains pour upon earths soils. 
We sense the relief from smoke
We learn lessons of clarity 
We stand in our circle of power knowing the rains are listening 
They come even as we dance, sing and raise our vibrations higher and higher. 
With Deep Gratitude we bow in reverence to the Tao of nature. 

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