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Your a Burden!

Mar 15, 2021

I am 56 years old and still I struggle asking to be paid for my work. 

Can you relate to this struggle? 

Mark and I sat down to dig into the source of this challenge.  I sank deep inward with the intention to listen to my body. 

Listen in as I go through the feelings.  

Listen for what you can relate to.  

As you listen do your own inner work. 

Go to the root cause. 

As I feel into charging for my teaching, feeling into my body for the root cause...

I feel the ache in my tummy.  What is buried there? I hear a voice: “ You are a burden.  You are a leech! “. 

That’s my Dad speaking!

My Dad called us leeches as children! 

I was an accidental birth, Dad did not want to take responsibility for me financially.  And to make things worse Mom & Dad got pregnant three more times! 

Creator to take these voices to the light!  

I feel the lineage of beliefs drain from my body.

Into the light it goes...

In it’s place, I am Whole & Complete

I am a Gift to this world. 

May all the children of this world know that they are not a burden for parents to bare. 

May all children know they are stardust. 

As my Beloved holds me close and whispers into my ear: “ Honey you are a delight in my life” 

I know that his words ring true. 

I take this knowing back to my little Netta. 

As I mother my little Netta I say:

Little Netta, 

I am here.  I am your mother & your father. 

What I tell you is true. 

There has never been and will never be another YOU like YOU! 

Look at your finger prints they are designed so completely unique no two finger prints are exactly the same.  

I love your eagerness to play!  

You dance the pee pee dance because your so excited to play and don’t want to miss anything! 

I love that about you! 

You love mud, rolly polly bugs & dandelions. 

I love your Eternal Child! 

I love that little things send giggles to your toes! 

Your Mom & Dad did not see you, not because of YOU.  Mom & Dad could not see the miracle in themselves or the world around them. 

It is not personal to you.

I love you forever,  Your True Mom & Dad Lynetta!

As I come back to this time and space I feel clear of this pattern.  Expansion replaces contraction. 

Being paid whatever I choose to charge is possible in this spacious place. 

Inner Child Work is pure Magic. 

If you find you struggle with money look deeper, go back in time.  Feel into your body.  What do you hear?


Trace it to the seed, root and branches. 

Dig down deep under the weeds.

If you cut the weeds at the top they grow back as you well know. 

Dig down deeper to the roots below. 

When you find it don’t let go. 

Allow the childhood memories to flow. 

I am with you, hand in hand.  

Let’s do this together and create a new land. 

A heart garden of creativity, poetry and dance.

Singing, loving & romance! 

May you know I am here if you need a friend. 

I love you. 

Lynetta Ann

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