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Have We Met Before?

love and relationships Mar 18, 2018

Hi!  Lynetta here.

Have you ever met someone who you felt a instant kinship with?  You have this feeling that you already know this person?  These are some of the signs that you are meeting someone from your Soul 'Group'.

There is much we will share about Soul Groups in the future.  Here, we're going to focus on one type of Soul Group relationship you already know about which is a Soul Mate.

A Soul Mate is a soul that you have been intimately involved in in previous incarnations.  You may have decided to have this level of intimate relationship in this life also.  

Here are some of the Signs that You have met your Soul Mate:

1 ) You just know.  It sounds crazy but it's true--you know it in your bones that you are Soul Mates. There is a inner calm together. 

2 ) You are best friends. You really get each other. You feel as though you have met your other half.  Energetically, it can feel like you have attracted your mirror self.

3 ) You share a common vision with each other.  There is a desire to bring something beautiful to this world and to do it together.  The love that is shared between you is so vast it simply delights in rippling that out into the world around  you. 

4 ) People who observe the Soul Mate couple can feel a special energy between them.  They feel drawn to it even though they may not be able to explain it.  It's a magnetic energy, you can't help but watch the couple doing their thing together. 

5 ) Soul Mates honor and accept each other in totality.  They don't see any character flaws--they see character strengths.

Every quality is turned into pure bliss.  It is acceptance at the core of your being. Even things you thought you could never accept about yourself melts within the arms of your Beloved.  Unconditional love comes naturally to Soul Mates. 

6 ) Soul Mates discover what is the specific love language of their mate and they love to show it often.  We'll talk more about Love Languages in the future.

But for now, here's an example: Mark loves me to softly stroke his whole body slowly with presence.  Whereas I love to be snuggled into his chest and held tightly. This feels calming to me. 

Both Mark and I searched our whole lives for our Soulmates.  We both thought we had found them in previous relationship and marriages.  Now we see how we were wrong and what it really takes to have your Soulmate in your life now. 

It took us until our 50's to figure it out.  The good news for you is there's no need to wait any longer.  Here's a free 20-minute quick start to finding  yours:  Soulmate-Manifestation-Mini-Session

In this mini-session, you'll uncover blocks that may be holding you back from meeting your soulmate.

After 50 years of unsuccessful relationships, it truly is worth your investment in yourself to have it. 


Mark and Lynetta

P.S.  If you're in relationship but aren't certain if you're soulmates, we have more to share.  Let's talk!  Soulmate-Manifestation-Mini-Session



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