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Are You "Too Damaged"?

love and relationships Mar 14, 2018

Hi, Lynetta here.

We all have "what-ifs" running around our heads.  We may really want to be deeply loved and appreciated for who we are in our totality.  But I've discovered that a "what-if-I'm-too-damaged" story may be blocking us from receiving all the love we can have.

I've been hearing beliefs from women that they don't 'deserve' to be in the relationship of their dreams because they may be too damaged by past traumas and unhealed hurts.

True confession: I also had a 'too-damaged' story in my past. 

When I met Mark, I needed to know if he could truly accept all of me.

The first time I looked into Marks eyes, I felt his gaze as-if he were entering inside me.  I could feel all the doors within me open, even the ones I had kept locked from my own awareness because I had a hard time accepting all of me. 

I could feel him looking around inside all my hidden dark places and embracing it  all.  His eyes were pools of total acceptance and peace. 

Then I shared out-loud what I had been holding hidden within.  I shared that I had at times been on drugs, homeless, went to rehab, attempted suicide, been through countless relationships, diagnosed with Hepatitis C and healed it.  Everything--I held nothing back. 

Mark's reaction was not what I expected.  Here's the way he describes it now:

"Knowing all that you had been through and healed, You became more desirable to me.  I knew most people would not have survived what you did.  But you didn't just survive, you dove into all your darkness, cleared it and ultimately turned it into the gold that empowers you now.

All that you experienced and lived though is now a testament to your courage and strength as a woman"

Wow!  Not what I was expecting.

Imagine a man (or woman) who could hear and know everything about you.

Someone who never forgets who you are and adores you for everything you have been through.  He's actually grateful to you for surviving so you could be here right now with him.

There is nothing in this world like being loved for all of you. 

Mark and I believe You can have that kind of relationship.

We believe so strongly because we created it ourselves.  We didn't wait until we had all of our ducks nicely 'healed' in a row.  We took the leap and, with the right tools created it.

You too can have a relationship with someone who will see your greatness, appreciate your past and desire to continue growing and healing together with you. 

Your internal work will go much deeper and faster with someone who can see all of your greatness. 

Mark and I want to support more couples to be in deep Alignment with each other--where you want to grow together. 

You want to love deeper than you ever have.  You have a big vision for the future that you want to work on together--a vision of not only being an extraordinary loving couple but also bringing your gifts of love to the world around you. 

We are here to support you on this journey.

Take the next step to being completely loved for all of who you are.  Sign up for a free Fast-Track-to-Love-Discovery-Session to discover a path we created to get you there. 

It will speed you on your way to being loved for all of YOU!


Mark and Lynetta 

P.S.  It doesn't matter if you're in relationship now or not.  Either way, you CAN have an aligned love relationship with full acceptance and support of each other.  Start now with your free Fast-Track-to-Love-Discovery-Session



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