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Affirmative Prayer #1

spirituality Mar 21, 2018

Lynetta here.

After spending over 25 years in strict religion, prayer meant pleading with an easily angered, judging God to grant us some crumbs of something we wanted even though we weren't 'worthy'.  

It wasn't performed out of love but rather necessity.  It emphasized our powerlessness to control our own lives since 'God' was in control.

When I left my religion and embarked on my spiritual quest, prayer was a casualty.  I left it behind as too dis-empowering.

When I got involved with Center for Spiritual Living, they taught me a completely different type of prayer.  This one was exciting, joyous, empowering.

Earnest Holmes gave us a simple 5 step Affirmative Prayer Treatment:

Step 1 )  Recognition of Source 

Step 2 ) Unification (I AM)

Step 3 ) Realization  (feeling it has been accomplished right now)

Step 4 ) Gratitude

Step 5 ) Release (let it go) 

In Part 2 of Affirmative Prayer,  I will show an example of how I say my own prayer treatment.

For now, I'm praying you read all the way to here- just kidding :-)

See you in part 2! 


Mark and Lynetta  

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