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Who am I Really?

spirituality Mar 20, 2018


Hi, Lynetta here.

All my life, I've had deep questions no one could answer.  The biggest question that repeated over and over in my head was "Who am I?"

I could not find a good answer in the religion of my family of origin.  I looked in the scriptures, reading Genesis to Revelations.  There was nothing about "Who I am".

I searched other religions; they too had no answers for me. 

I asked the Native Indians. They brought me to Nature.  Even though it was not a direct answer to my life question, it did plant a seed that I am part of something bigger--I am connected to Nature.  I could feel that connection.  I was getting closer.

For a time, I tried drugs and sex to escape the question.  Yet still I held the question in my heart.

I scrambled through books, teachings, religions, philosophies, the metaphysical, self-improvement, Center for Spiritual Living, Self- Realization Centers, Yoga, Meditation and into an Ex-JW Empowerment Group.

There, I learned that I needed to be deprogrammed.  I had been indoctrinated from my youth.  I finally started to shed my skin of beliefs and cleanse my Soul.  My husband Mark brought the books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton into my life.

Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls are recordings of sessions by Dr. Newton with people who were taken deep into hypnosis where they could remember what it's like in the 'spirit world' in between reincarnations on earth.

At first I listened with a skeptical mind.  Over time, I let go of my JW indoctrinated mind.  And I started to discover answers that worked for me and my "Who am I? question.

What's different about Journey of Souls from all other religions and even many 'spiritual' teachings is that there are no 'have-to-dos'.

I think the reason so many of us are leaving religion today is we don't want some external standard of what we are 'supposed to do'.  We are starting to trust more in our own divinity and our connection to the Source.

I will be writing more of what I have learned from Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

For now, if your spiritual development is important to you, all I can say is get the books.



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