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Magic Wand #2: Acknowledgments

emotional release love and relationships Mar 18, 2018

Hi!  Mark again.

This is Part #2--our 2nd magical technique for quickly shifting emotional and energetic states.

This is the magic wand of Acknowledgements.

Acknowledgements are when we see and speak out loud our own or someone else's greatness.

Acknowledgments can be a challenge because of our training about being humble, about not 'tooting our own horn'.

There is also a resistance from the ideas that we might become haughty or 'too big for our britches' or worrying about it 'going to our head.

If we want truly wish to live powerful lives, acknowledgements are keys to our empowerment.

So let's get started with acknowledging others since self-acknowledgment is more of a challenge.

There are different levels at which we can acknowledge someone.

One level is to express simple appreciation for something specific they did.  For example, I noticed how you spoke kindly to that woman.  I noticed how you made my favorite dinner.  I noticed how diligently you exercised.

Another level is to not only acknowledge a specific action but to infer from their actions what it say about their character.

For example, I noticed how kindly you speak to children.  I get how important it is to you that children are always treated with kindness and never with anger. 

Lynetta and I share acknowledgements with each other every day. 

Here's what our acknowledgements sound like:

Mark:  I acknowledge your willingness to feel the pain of abuse from your childhood and clear it.  And you have a deep knowing of what's possible--the peace and joy people can ultimately have.  And you are so committed to helping others that you're even willing to write and sing about it to help other with their own healing.  You deeply care about people and want them to have freedom in their lives like you have freedom in yours"

 Acknowledgements like these not only mention the actions of the person but what it says about the character, the essence of the person.  And we all love to be seen and recognized for our greatness.

Try it for yourself.  Find a buddy and give each other acknowledgements.  If you're in relationship, it's the perfect vehicle for greater joy and intimacy.

When you're ready to take it to the next level, try self-acknowledgments.  Talk to yourself out loud as-if you were acknowledging someone else but acknowledge yourself instead.

Because of all the programming we've all received, you may find this one considerably more challenging.

Need some help?  Sign up for a Mini-Session.  In 20 minutes with us, we'll make you into an acknowledgment champion.

We acknowledge Your greatness.  Now it's your turn.


Mark and Lynetta

P.S.  Acknowledgements really are an essential foundation for life.  Give it a try. We'll guide you through it:  Mini-Session-here.

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