Tame your jealousy dragon

emotional release Mar 06, 2018

Jealousy brings up all kinds of emotions, yuck!  Does the mere thought of your partner looking at someone else make you cringe?  How about your own attractions?  Would you even dare to share your attractions with your partner? 

Here are 3 tips to taming your jealousy dragon:

1) Ask yourself, "What is the attraction REALLY about?"  What attracts you?  Go deeper. Example: Are you attracted to that person because they are a gifted writer, singer or dancer?

2) Whatever the attraction is to that person, bring more of those aspects into your life.  Example: Take dancing classes or singing lessons.  You will find your attraction to that person disappearing.

3) Share with your partner that you would like more ( fill in the blank ) in your relationship.  You will find that when you are getting your needs met, you don't have the attraction to anyone else. 

Create a agreement field in your relationship for authenticity and vulnerability.  If you feel it is threatening the relationship that you are on the brink of a split up, get Coaching on how to communicate with your partner in a way that you both feel honored and cherished. 

We offer you support in your relationship to run so beautifully that Jealousy never rears it's green head! 

We all get maintenance on our cars to run smoothly.  We run anti-virus protection on our laptops so they work smoothly.

Relationship also need maintenance.

We offer you the tools to have a loving, authentic and vulnerable relationship that purrs instead of growling! 

There is one thing in life that you will take with you when you take your last breath--your experiences.  Relationship experiences are the juiciest! Sign up now for a Quick-Release Clearing Session.

Dragon taming is our specialty! 


Mark and Lynetta 

P.S.  What clients say about our work:

"I had the pleasure of working with Mark and Lynetta. The exercises guided me to explore and embody power and grace, in new ways then I had ever experienced before.  I felt courageous, gorgeous, nurtured, seen, heard, felt, and very well taken care of.  I had a truly memorable experience overall, and would jump at the opportunity to participate in the future."

~Leah Diamond

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