I Have a Confession...

emotional release Mar 11, 2018

Lynetta here. I have a confession.  

Lately, I noticed I had been resisting marketing our Soulmate Fastrack Coaching.   I didn't know where this was coming from.

Last night, I realized why.

I had a hidden belief about all men

I have been through so many relationships with unhealthy men that I lost faith in all men. 

I did not know this consciously; this was buried way down deep.

I didn't want it to come back up to the surface.

The pain of those past relationships was still skewing my view of men.

I created a belief that my beloved Mark is a one-of-a-kind rare gem--that no other man could be as kind, gentle, loving and supportive as he is.

The moment after I expressed this to Mark (and he smiled in appreciation ;-), we dived into the source of this belief to clear it.

Mark has a knowing about there being a match for everyone who wants it.  And that there are many amazing men about there.

Men who have done their inner work and are strong and sensitive.  Giving of Love and Desiring it.  Men who desire a woman to be all of herself. 

Men who work on their own personal growth and desire a woman who does hers.  Someone to grow together with.

The men I chose previous to Mark were playing out a "role" that I wanted them to play.  I chose them so I could experience being their victim.  

I learned about victimhood from my family.

The men I previously chose also had family patterns that fit perfectly with mine. We were like fitting puzzle pieces.  He would affirm my "story" about myself.

"Every man just wants to use me, no one really loves me".

Truth is, I did not fully love myself.  So how could I possibly attract someone who loved all of me? 

Mark and I have both done our inner work.

We declared ourselves to be a "good catch" before we met.

Mark helped me clear the belief that there are no other "good men" out there.

Later that very same day, we listened to a guest lecture from a man doing amazing community-building work in the world.  As he described the poverty and homelessness he came from, it was obvious that he had done his inner work to overcome the challenges of his family and background.

Even if we have done some inner work, there is always another "onion layer" to peel through. 

Mark and I offer you gentle guidance to peel through your layers.

We shine a flashlight of love, understanding and acceptance on the dark hidden beliefs that may be keeping you from having all the love you yearn for. 

What if your beloved is preparing for you right now? 

What a tragedy if you don't get all your greatness.

You are a great catch!

You don't want to keep attracting the wrong guy or gal, when you could be with your match right now.

To get your started, we created a free Love-Belief-Peeling-Session available to you right now! 

I now know there is there is a match for you!  Do your inner work.



P.S. It's human to have 'layers'.  It's "inhuman" not to peel them away.  Spending another moment not in the arms of your beloved is a waste of a life.

Starting "peeling" now: Free Love Belief Peeling Session



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