Altar Building- for Health and Wealth

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In todays blog, you will learn how to Create your own Altar for whatever you want to manifest in your life. 
Benefits of having a “working Altar”:
  • A place to focus your energy
  • A Sacred Space for devotion, gratitude and prayer
  • A tool for manifesting your dreams
  • A Beautiful Space to uplift your Spirits 
Altars have been built by our ancestors since the beginning of time.  You can see it in cave walls, drawings that give us a view into the world of our ancestors, they  drew images that displayed the important messages they wanted future generations to know about.  The images on the wall is a wall Altar. 
If you have a space where you place pictures of your loved ones, flowers and items that you treasure, you are creating an Altar.  
We naturally gather images that symbolize something of sentimental value.  If you have pictures of your loved ones up, you value those relationships, you want to have pictures up to remind you and all who visit, the significance of these relationships.  
In Native Indian Traditions they have a Sacred space to keep their flute, drum, rattles, smoking pipe, tobacco and dream catcher.  These items have great significance to Native Indian tribes who honor ancient traditions. 
Now that you know some of the traditions of Altar building and you do Create Altars in your home already, let’s get into how to Create an Altar based on Nature’s directions and elements.  This will give you the foundation of Altar building, then at the end you will learn how to Create more Health and Wealth using your Altar. 
Finding the Space 
Let’s begin with finding the space where you will build your Altar.  You can choose a space in your home or outside.  Begin by tuning inward and meditate for 10 minutes on being grounded and connected to Earth, Nature and Spirit.  Relax you jaws, roll your shoulders back and down away from your ears. 
Listening to a guided meditation can be helpful if you find it a challenge to keep your mind quiet.  You can search on YouTube for a Meditation to connect you with Nature.  (Pause, go ahead, do it now, I will wait....)
After your 10 min meditation, you are ready to begin tuning into the space for your Altar.  Walking around your home or outside, looking for a space where you will have some privacy.  It may be a little nook in the corner of the room,  you might have a gazebo outside, a place where you can sit in front of your Altar, meditate and add or take away from your Altar easily.  
As you walk around your home or yard, tune into subtle cues within your body.  Stand in several possible locations, feel the energy of the space.  Trust your guidance will kick in.  This is such an ancient morphogenic field that your tapping into, something very primal within will remember. 
Now that you have selected your space, you will want to gather your items.  My Altar building comes from many different cultures, I have been building Altars since I was 17 years old, I am 55 now.  My Altars have matured along with me.  I draw my Altar Wisdom from the Native Indians of Mariposa, Miwoks, the Pagans in San Jose, CA area and from most of the Yoga studios where I do Yoga, all over the U.S, they all have an Altar from simple to elaborate.  
I define my Altar Building: Eclectic and Nature Based. 
Items to gather: 
Beginning with East: Element of Air 
Items to represent Air:
Wind chimes
Clear Crystal Quartz
Pictures of the sky 
Fallen leaves
South: Element of Fire 
Volcanic Stone
Pictures of the Sun 
Hot Spices: Cayenne 
West: Element Water 
Goblet, Chalice or Wooden Bowl
Rainwater or Holy Water
Driftwood or Seaweed 
Image with ocean, river or lake
North: Element Earth
Rock or Stone
Oil: Vetiver, Sandalwood or Frankincense 
Now that you have all of your directions and elements gathered, you will look for an Altar cloth. You can use a favorite scarf, tapestry or any favorite piece of fabric. I find my Alar cloths at Goodwill, Festivals and fabrics stores like, Michaels. 
Find a small table to raise it up higher off the ground, any height will do.   
As your choosing each item, see how it feels as the pieces come together, you should feel really good as you choose each item. 
Choose a picture of a Spiritual Teacher, you as a child, your favorite pet, someone who has left this earthly plane, anyone who is near and dear to your heart can be placed on your Altar.  You choose how simple or elaborate you want your Altar.  
You can bring your favorite oils, crystals and symbols of magic. 
Play some music while you build your Altar.  I suggest Liquid Mind on Pandora.  
Now you have all of your ingredients for a powerful Sacred Altar. 
Burn some Palo Santo, Sage or Sweetgrass to clear the space energetically, smudge yourself as well.  I will write another blog about smudging if your not familiar with the term. 
Take your time, do not be rushed.  If you are in a hurry then it’s not the time to do it.  Wait until you have at least 30 minutes to an hour for this ritual.  You are creating a Space for Ceremony, devotions, prayers and manifesting your dreams and desires into this world.  
Time set aside, undisturbed, cell phone silent, except for your liquid mind music.  Set up your table.  Place your Altar cloth over your table, make sure it is even all the way around.  Your Altar needs a strong foundation.  Being even all the way around gives you a feeling of centeredness and balance.  
Some traditions start with East, the sun rises in the East, new beginnings.  Some traditions start in the North with Earth, it feels good to me to begin with North.  You tune into which one feels in alignment. 
North element of Earth placed in the North section of your Altar.  I have a compass on my cell, if you need to check for your directions, being accurate will empower your Altar.  
  • Place your North elements of Earth and welcome the Guardians of North and elementals of Earth. 
  • Place your East elements of air and welcome the Guardians of the East elements of air. 
  • Place South elements of fire and welcome Guardians of the South, elementals of Fire. 
  • Place Water elements and welcome Guardians of the West, elements of Water.
  • Place your pictures of loved ones, Spiritual Teachers or Guides and pets.  
  • Place your crystals, stones, oils or any nature items you have left. 
As you sit with your Altar, feel into it.  Does anything need to be moved to amplify the energy of your Altar? 
Sit and meditate with your Altar for 10 min. Keep a journal nearby and jot down insights from your meditation. 
You have built the foundation of your Altar now you can add to it whatever you want to manifest more of in your life.  
For today let’s add Health and Wealth. 
You can go online and search for pictures that symbolize health to you. Pictures of healthy green foods, supplements, people that look healthy and strong.  A picture of yourself when you felt strong and healthy. 
Affirmations that feel good:  “ I am Vibrant and Alive in my body” 
Choose symbols for Wealth: Pictures of Wealth, what do you want to do with your wealth?  Travel the world? Place pictures of your favorite places to go.  Buy a new home? Place pictures of homes that are actually on the market, in a country that you would love to live. 
Place charities that you want to contribute to on your Altar. 
Affirmations for Wealth Building: “ I have all that I need and enough to share with the world” 
Commit yourself to spending time with your Altar everyday.  The more energy, intentions and attention you bring, the more powerful your Altar will be.  This is called a “working altar”.  
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Created with all of my Love,
Lynetta Ann Avery
Soul Wizard 

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