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I got triggered - Part 3

emotional release spirituality Mar 25, 2018

Mark again.  One more technique for dealing with someone else's emotional blowups. 

By-the-way, I'm assuming here that we are NOT talking about a situation where there is any possibility of real physical danger.  If there is, take proper care of your safety.

This technique goes back to the Soul View of people and who we are and why we are here.  If you haven't studied these questions yet, take a look at The Foundation Teachings or get Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls from Dr. Michael Newton.

To summarize the Soul View briefly, we all have our Soul Objectives for being in this world.  We want to have certain experiences.  We may actually want to experience challenging relationships.

To accomplish these Soul Goals, as Souls before we incarnate, we enlist each other to be 'actors' in each other's life play.

This may include treating each other in life in less than the highest ways.

If you've never heard any of this before, it may seem a bit 'out there'.  But, Lynetta and I have found this Soul View to be the most empowering understanding of life we have found so far.  And that's after 50+ years of Spiritual Studies.

So back to the technique.

If someone is emotionally erupting in your presence or even directing it at you, imagine that you are in a theater and the actor on stage is performing an outstanding emotional delivery.

Admire the person for the seriousness of their delivery as if they were a world-class actor.  Don't get bogged down in the details but admire the scene as a whole.  Wow!  What a performance!

Now there's a fine line between admiration and smugness or superiority.  This isn't about looking down on them, which, by-the-way, they may pick up on.  It is just taking it all in as a great performance.

This may actually cause the energy to diffuse.  One of secrets of being a human being is that we want to be heard--we want our performances to be taken seriously.

Observing from this detached place of admiration may be just the remedy.

Now, if none of the techniques in the past 3 blogs are helping you completely release emotions you may be feeling, it may be time to schedule yourself an Emotional Release Mini-Session.  These 20-minute mini-sessions can quickly clear your emotional distress.

Complete peace is yours for the asking.  Treat yourself well.


Mark and Lynetta

P.S.  Living with dis-empowering emotions ties up your life force for really creating a life you love.  Clear them here: Emotional Release Mini-Session

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