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Affirmative Prayer #2

spirituality Mar 22, 2018

Lynetta again with Affirmative Prayer - Part 2.

My Sweetie Mark and I made some changes to the Affirmative Prayer Steps, there used to be 5 steps but now there are 6.  We realized that before you can have real affirmative prayer, you have to acknowledge your desires.  So we added this as the first step.

We have a video we have crafted for you to take you through the 6 Steps of Affirmative Prayer. 

Here are the 6 steps:

1. Acknowledge your Desire

2. Acknowledge your Creator

3. Feel Oneness with Creator 

4. Feel it's Completion

5. Gratitude

6. Celebrate

How do you know what your deepest desires are, when you have been burying them so deep in your ocean of concealment it would take a professional deep sea diver to find them? 

We get many calls from people who have buried their true desires so deeply they don't even have access to their dreams anymore.  We have learned to ask questions that take you deep into your consciousness to discover what those desires are.  If you find yourself desire-challenged, avail yourself of a Soul-Desire Discovery Session.

The next step is Acknowledging Creator.  This can also be a huge challenge.  Mark and I did not want to even say the word "GOD" because of our religious backgrounds that gave us a judging God that we didn't want.  We have since created a new loving non-judging God that we often refer to as Creator or Source.

Creator is a personal felt experience. You get to say who your Creator is--the qualities that matter to you.  Creator does not need you to be any certain way.  Can you imagine the Creator of all the Universe really needing anything from us?  

Step 3 is Feeling Oneness with your Creator.  First, feel into your own Essence.  Imagine a mint leaf.  Rub it between your fingers and smell the essence of mint.  Now imagine You are the mint leaf.   Smell the sweetness of your own Essence.

Now imagine that Creator is all the mint leaves and their sweet essence.

Feel your Essence and the Essence of Creator combine--the perfect recipe for Divine Oneness.  

This is getting far too long so Part 3 will cover Steps 4 through 6.

In the meantime, watch the Video! 

We are here to support your desired creations for yourself using Affirmative Prayer.  To this end, we have created a 21 Day Affirmative Prayer Challenge.  Like our Facebook Affirmative Prayer Page and participate in sharing your affirmative prayers and the results you get.

Warm Hugs,

Mark and Lynetta

P.S  Today is Day 1 of our prayers.  Tomorrow we will share our results.  We already have some huge successes to share.  And we want to hear how you manifest yours:   Facebook Affirmative Prayer Page

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