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The Worthiness Trap

emotional release spirituality Apr 01, 2018


Previously, we shared why we banned "Perfect" from our vocabulary.

Next on our not-helpful-words hit list is "Worthy".

You'll often hear 'worthy' in a lot of affirmations such as: "I am worthy of God's love", "I am worthy of receiving money" and so on. 

The reason we don't use worthy anymore is because worthy implies that we have to do something to be worthy.

And, our brilliant minds can always come up with 2 types of reasons why we are NOT worthy.  Either I'm not enough such as: "I'm not kind enough, supportive enough, charitable enough".  Or, I'm too much of something such as: "I'm too bossy, too controlling, too loud, too opinionated."

Our belief is that our Creator has fully empowered us to create anything we want in our life.  We don't have to earn it, deserve it, beg for it, plead for it.  We can have it just because we desire it.  In short, our creator 'wants' us to create desires and fulfill them and there is no limit to the desiring and fulfilling we can do.

This is very well explained well in Conversations with God which we heartily recommend.  There are 3 books in the series and all are foundational:


  Conversations with God Trilogy: 3 books Collection set    

In conclusion, being worthy is NOT necessary to getting what we really want in life and can actually get in our way of manifesting.

There is more to say about the science of creating but this is for a future email.

So start creating what you really want--You DON'T have to be worthy!


Mark and Lynetta

P.S.  If you find that the worthiness monster has its tendrils wrapped around you, schedule a Discovery Session and we'll help untangle you. ❀

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