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This Much Freedom? The Soul View

emotional release spirituality Apr 03, 2018

Mark here.  

Lynetta is quite active in a Facebook group that helps ex-Jehovah's Witnesses rebuild their lives.

Many of the moderators are great at helping ex-JW's release the dogmas they grew up with and deal with the pain of being shunned and having to leave family and friends behind.

But years or decades after leaving the religion, anger is still often detectable in ex-JW's.

There is a gratitude to being free of the dogmas, rules, fears, laws, restrictions.  But there is still a sadness and anger often expressed due to 'losing so many years of life'.

For Lynetta, only the Soul-View has fully released all of the anger and sadness and helped her fully reclaim her power.

The Soul-View, which we share in The Foundation Teachings, is the view of life we  get when we leave this world and reevaluate our life from the higher perspective of our soul.  From this vantage point, we achieve complete peace about everything that happened in our earthly life.

And, once we achieve complete peace, we can completely reclaim our God-given power to reinvent our lives as anything we choose.

It's difficult for people who were raised with religious dogma and ultimately rejected it to consider that there may actually be a spiritual view that has no dogma, no laws, no judgement, no separation.  And that this view can fully empower them as Creators of their own life.

Does your view of life fully empower you?  We'd like to hear.


Mark and Lynetta

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