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Affirmative Prayer #3

spirituality Mar 23, 2018

The first 3 steps of Affirmative Prayer we covered so far are Acknowledging your Desire, Acknowledging your Creator and Feeling Oneness with Creator. 

Once you have that Oneness with Creator and are connected with the powers that Creator has, you are now ready for:

Step 4 -- Completion.  Completion is when our desired outcome is a felt reality right now.  You feel it even before it appears in your physical reality.  Current 'reality' is irrelevant here.  You feel your desire as-if it were already accomplished.

Step 5 is Gratitude.  Feel Gratitude for your completed desired outcome.  Again, feel the gratitude for what you desire as-if it has already manifested.

Step 6 is to Celebrate.  Let the good times roll!  Take off your shoes, put on your favorite jams and shake your booty!  You have done what not many people are willing to do--you followed through!

You started out with a desire that is close to your heart, you used the principles of Affirmative Prayer and now look at you!  Dance like no one is watching!  You accomplished your Dream! 

Yes, that's right, you are celebrating even before it has become a physical manifestation. You are already feeling it as accomplished.  YOU feel it so deeply your heart swells in gratitude, you're delighted in the core of your Soul. Your grin cannot be wiped from across your face.  Life is GOOD! 

This is a Radical Moment of Realization. You are getting your power to Create and Manifest just as our Creator does. Do you think Creator ever doubts his/her ability to manifest anything? Creator does it immediatly with only a thought and bam it's done! We have that power as well. We can do it, if only we will get out of our own way. Let go of the self-imposed limitations. Unleash your Creatorship! 

Here is to your deepest desire being a REALITY NOW!

Mark and Lynetta  


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