Soul Wizards know that anger is an unexpressed “NO”!

soul wizards Sep 15, 2019


Soul Wizards know that Anger is an unexpressed “NO”!

My Anger terrified me for many years. I was so afraid I might lose control and really hurt the people I love the most.

My anger and rage I recently unleashed was a child in desperation screaming "Where are you God? How could you not answer my cries for help?!!!”

As a child I had no tools to process Anger. Now I have my “NO”!
My Sovereignty is Absolute!
I Protect myself!
I am in safe loving environments.
I don’t put myself in harms way.
All the angry people in the world have wounds with unfinished business. They need tools to process childhood hurts.
Compassion and holding space for them is Healing.
Everyone deeply desires to be seen, heard and held in Love.


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