A Soul Wizard Embraces what is

soul wizards Sep 28, 2019

A Soul Wizard embraces what is. Knowing that in the big picture when we see with the eyes of the Soul everything in life has it’s place. How would we know light without seasons of shadow? How would we know great joy if not for seasons of sarrow? How could we know Oneness if not for seasons of separation?

  • Experiment with one person that you have a challenging relationship with. See everything that they do as acceptable for one day.  At the end of the day journal any shifts you notice. 
  • During your day notice 3 annoyances.  Intentionally shift them to acceptances.  Observe how you feel at the end of the day. 
  • Embracing is a step further than acceptance.  Embracing is: Arms wide open, inviting in for a hug!  Give 3 hugs to someone you would not normally hug. 

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