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A Soul Wizard is Decisive

soul wizards Sep 30, 2019

Soul Wizards are decisive.  They clear out of their life what they don’t want and they incorporate into their lives what they do want. How do they get there?  

They don’t make themselves “wrong” for past choices.  They look at everything in life through the lens of, what do I want to create in my life and how do I get there? 

Here are ways that you can implement a Soul Wizard view of making decisions in your life:

  • Your past decisions have never been “wrong” or “bad”
  • All of Your decisions in the past show you what you “want” and “don’t want” moving forward. 
  • You can’t fail when your the teacher who grades all your own papers
  • Give yourself an A + for every decision you have ever made in your life

How can you give yourself an A + when you don’t like the outcome of your decisions?  Stop living your life for someone else.  Know that every choice you have ever made was the very best you could make with the understanding at the time. 

You learn from each and every choice that you make.  We are all learning.  Give yourself an A + for learning what you want and don’t want going forward.  Let it go! 

You are the hardest on yourself.  It keeps you from moving forward with your life.  

You are the authority in your life.  No one can give you a failing grade unless you give them permission to.  Stand up and declare:

  • I am a Soul Wizard
  • I am the ultimate authority in my life! 
  • I am Sovereign! 
  • I make awesome decisions in my life! 
  • I Mine the Gold from each past decision and move forward! 


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