A Soul Wizard knows how to attract other Soul Wizards

soul wizards Oct 01, 2019

A Soul Wizard knows how to attract other Soul Wizards into their life.  How do they go about that?   They clear what is in the way first.  Here are some of the ways that block attraction:

  • Fear that nobody really loves you
  • Feeling unworthy of being with Soul Wizards
  • Feeling like an “outsider looking in” 
  • Not knowing you can choose who you want in your life
  • Feeling Stuck in toxic relationships that disempower you

A Soul Wizard clears these blocks using the Tao of Now Technique:

  • Gather up all of these fears, unworthiness, separation, powerlessness and stuck feelings and place them in your left hand
  • Feel into them, feel how it feels to hold all of them in your hand
  • Shake that feeling off 
  • Gather up all the times you knew how deeply you were loved
  • All the times when you felt connected to people who do appreciate you
  • All the ways you have empowered yourself to get away from toxic relationships
  • Place all of these positive experiences in your right hand
  • Feel deeply how good it feels as you hold these experiences in your right hand
  • Face your hands toward each other, start to bring them closer and closer together
  • NOTICE what you feel between them, do you feel the opposition? 
  • Keep breathing, keep bringing them closer and closer
  • When you get to prayer hands in the center of your heart area you are complete
  • Breathe into this space and notice what you notice about this Space
  • Journal insights from your experience

The next step in attracting other Soul Wizards is what we call the Creation Process.  We make declarations and tap all over our bodies and especially on meridians points all over the face and body while making declarations.  Here are some declarations that you can tap to attract Soul Wizards in your life. 

  • Soul Wizards that have the bigger picture from the Soul Realm are coming into my life now! 
  • Those people who love transformation are finding me! 
  • I go to events where I meet other Soul Wizards
  • I am a Soul Wizard magnet
  • I am empowered by Soul Wizards
  • I empower them

You get it now! Make some of your own declarations.  BTW, this works for attracting your Soul Mate if that kinda thing interests you, just say’n! 

Look out for our follow up blog on “Soul Wizards know how to attract their Soulmate.” 


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