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A Soul Wizard Knows how to Clear Money Blocks

soul wizards Sep 29, 2019

Money is a program, period.  It’s significance has been amplified by constantly reinforcing a belief that keeps you manageable to powers that control most of the wealth on your planet. 

Imagine being raised in a community where they home school you and train you from a child about being self-sustainable.  You live off the land, grow your own food, solar power for your energy source and raise your own animals for milk and eggs.  You don’t go to town, you have all your needs met on the ranch.  

Money is never used since your land is all paid for. There is nothing you need to get from town, you never watch TV, movies or have a cell phone.  You would have no beliefs about money.  You are fully sustainable in your community.  

Soul Wizards know that it is possible to live like this, to live in a community where we all look out for each other.   Where everyone is equal. 

Since our planet does not run this way for the majority of us, how do we clear our limiting beliefs around money?  

Let’s try out this simple experiment to identify and clear limiting beliefs around money.

Expected Results from this experiment:  What used to trigger you about money becomes completely neutral.  

  • Make a list of all your beliefs around money, remember what you learned as a child. Write it all down in a journal.  
  • Once you have made your list, read each one slowly, and feel how deeply it bothers you. 
  • In your left hand place all the triggers that you just wrote down.  
  • In your right hand place something you believe strongly will always be there no matter what, the sun will always come up tomorrow, gravity will always keep you drawn towards the earth,  your lungs are going to keep taking in air and the love you have for your chosen family is always going to be there.  Feel what that feels like, deeply. 
  • Take your time in this step:  Face your hands toward each other and start to bring them together.  Slowly feel the polarity between them.  Breathe and bring them slowly together, observing that they feel opposite, still bring them towards each other.  As you come together in prayer hands at your heart, breath and feel what happens when these two seemingly opposing worlds come together. 
  • Journal what you notice. Becoming neutral creates a space where anything is possible.  Ideas come to you when your neutral.  Opportunities flow in your life.  You get unexpected income, somehow from “out of the blue”.  You begin to feel unlimited.  

If you don’t feel completely neutral and clear,  it’s ok.  We have been under the spell of money limitation for millennia.  It may take a few more times, practice it over and over again. 

Once your free of the limitations of your money messages you will be the Master of Money, no longer a slave to it. 

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