Magic Wand #1: Gratitudes


Mark here.

Sometimes when you're feeling down, it can be hard to pull yourself back up.

This is especially true when your mind might be fixating on everything that’s going wrong in your life.  

When this happens, we have two magic wands that can help.

The first magic wand is gratitudes.

Gratitudes are simple, fast and very effective at changing our mental and energetic state.

You can even use gratitudes when you’re in physical or emotional pain.

The key to gratitudes is to not take them too seriously and not spend a lot of time trying to get the 'right' ones.  Instead, just let them just start to roll off your tongue with no thinking at all.

Let's take some examples.

Say you're in physical pain--your foot hurts.  Start off with gratitudes as follows:

Wow, my arms feel great.  It feels wonderful to breathe in clean air.  My chair is quite comfortable.  My clothes are soft and warm.  I'm grateful I have plenty of food to...

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Can a Relationship be THIS good? #1

Mark here.

My relationship with Lynetta is the deepest I have ever experienced.

Just for starters, there is more love, appreciation, joy, support and honoring than I ever thought possible.

It wasn't always this way.  Many previous relationships bombed on multiple levels. 

So what does it take to create and continue growing an extraordinary relationship?

In the next series of emails, we're going to share what we've found from our own experience really works to create incredible love connections.

#1 on our list is letting go of the entire paradigm of good, bad, right and wrong.

This is a tough one being raised in a society where everything is rated as good or bad almost from birth:  "That's good".  "Don't do that--that's bad".

Toss in western religion with a God that judges everything as good or bad and we are off to live a life of duality--seeing everything and everyone through the lenses of right and wrong.

Lynetta and I both studied...

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I Have a Confession...

emotional release Mar 11, 2018

Lynetta here. I have a confession.  

Lately, I noticed I had been resisting marketing our Soulmate Fastrack Coaching.   I didn't know where this was coming from.

Last night, I realized why.

I had a hidden belief about all men

I have been through so many relationships with unhealthy men that I lost faith in all men. 

I did not know this consciously; this was buried way down deep.

I didn't want it to come back up to the surface.

The pain of those past relationships was still skewing my view of men.

I created a belief that my beloved Mark is a one-of-a-kind rare gem--that no other man could be as kind, gentle, loving and supportive as he is.

The moment after I expressed this to Mark (and he smiled in appreciation ;-), we dived into the source of this belief to clear it.

Mark has a knowing about there being a match for everyone who wants it.  And that there are many amazing men about there.

Men who have done their inner work and...

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Are You Too Nice?

emotional release Mar 08, 2018


Here are 3 Signs you may be 'too' nice and what to do about it:

Sign #1: You find yourself saying "I'm sorry" a lot.   If you bump into someone accidentally, 'Sorry' or 'Excuse Me' is appropriate.  But if you're a frequent user of 'Sorry', you may be taking excessive responsibility for others' emotional states.

What to do?   Wean yourself.  Take sorry completely out of your vocabulary for a week and see how it feels.  Even if you bump into someone you could say something amusingly opposite: "Thank you.  What a pleasure running into you!" 

Sign #2: 'Too Nicers' attract 'users'.  Users love to use you to meet their needs but are lacking in providing for your needs.  You may 'bend-over-backwards' to meet their needs but when you're in need, they run for the hills!

Does your family call you when they need something and they don't seem to return the favor?  Do you attract men/women into your life that have plenty of...

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THIS Prevents Heart Attacks?

emotional release Mar 07, 2018

 The Harvard School of Public Health in Boston has found that a positive outlook on life can actually protect your heart from cardiovascular disease.  

Harvard researchers Julia Boehm and Laura Kubzansky reviewed over 200 studies and discovered that certain psychological traits—optimism, positive emotions and a sense of meaning—offer measurable protection against heart attacks and strokes.

"Positive Emotions"

How do you create positive emotions--

--when we're surrounded by a constant barrage of negativity.

First step--Clear out the negative emotions.

The fastest way we know to clear out the negative emotions is to use EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques.

EFT is simple, painless and quite possibly the fastest technique ever invented to get immediate results.

Doing EFT is a simple as making some verbal statements out loud and tapping  some acupuncture points with your fingers.

Here's what Summer had to say:

"Emotion Healing sessions are quick and...

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Tame your jealousy dragon

emotional release Mar 06, 2018

Jealousy brings up all kinds of emotions, yuck!  Does the mere thought of your partner looking at someone else make you cringe?  How about your own attractions?  Would you even dare to share your attractions with your partner? 

Here are 3 tips to taming your jealousy dragon:

1) Ask yourself, "What is the attraction REALLY about?"  What attracts you?  Go deeper. Example: Are you attracted to that person because they are a gifted writer, singer or dancer?

2) Whatever the attraction is to that person, bring more of those aspects into your life.  Example: Take dancing classes or singing lessons.  You will find your attraction to that person disappearing.

3) Share with your partner that you would like more ( fill in the blank ) in your relationship.  You will find that when you are getting your needs met, you don't have the attraction to anyone else. 

Create a agreement field in your relationship for authenticity and...

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What We REALLY Fear...

emotional release Mar 04, 2018

Fear is what keeps us all from living full out.

From bringing our gifts to the world.

From sharing our love openly and fully.

How do we blaze a trail from our dungeon of fear

into the grand field of possibilities?

Fear is based on the past.

Something happened to us. 

It was painful.

We don't want to experience it again.

So we cover it up with fear, anxiety, pain, sadness, depression.

Trying to protect ourselves.

But it doesn't work.

There is a path to release your fears.

We have taken the most effective techniques that we use every day to clear emotional challenges or release physical pain.

And we bundled them into a 20 Minute Quick-Release Session at an everyone-can-afford price of $25.

20 min is easy to squeeze into your busy life.  Imagine in that time you could be creating a life living your dreams, shining your light!  You can apply these tools to any area of your life, money, relationships or health.

Welcome to your new life!

To get Your 20-Minute...

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Don't Make this Mistake...

emotional release Mar 03, 2018

My mom just discovered she has active termites.

In her shoes, some decide to just paint over the damage. 

Pretend they're not there.

Deal with it in the future.

Meanwhile, the termites keep eating away.

Creating further damage.

Eventually, it will be to late...


We human beings have our own internal version of termites.

In the past, something happened to us. 

Someone mistreated us. 

Maybe they yelled.

Maybe they embarrassed us.

Maybe they hit.

We felt sad, embarrassed, shamed...

Maybe we felt actual physical danger.

We tuck these experiences away inside and they start eating at us.

Just like termites.

Eventually, the distress gets unbearable.


Maybe it's there now for you.  Maybe it's still eating away...

There's no reason to wait for it to get that bad.

Emotional distress and physical pain can be released.



In 20 Minutes.


Lynetta and I have studied the fastest, least-painful, most-effective techniques to clear both emotional...

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