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emotional release Mar 03, 2018

My mom just discovered she has active termites.

In her shoes, some decide to just paint over the damage. 

Pretend they're not there.

Deal with it in the future.

Meanwhile, the termites keep eating away.

Creating further damage.

Eventually, it will be to late...


We human beings have our own internal version of termites.

In the past, something happened to us. 

Someone mistreated us. 

Maybe they yelled.

Maybe they embarrassed us.

Maybe they hit.

We felt sad, embarrassed, shamed...

Maybe we felt actual physical danger.

We tuck these experiences away inside and they start eating at us.

Just like termites.

Eventually, the distress gets unbearable.


Maybe it's there now for you.  Maybe it's still eating away...

There's no reason to wait for it to get that bad.

Emotional distress and physical pain can be released.



In 20 Minutes.


Lynetta and I have studied the fastest, least-painful, most-effective techniques to clear both emotional and physical pain.

We have used them daily in our 4 years together.

Plain-and-simple, they work.

We've bundled these miracle-clearing techniques into a 20-minute everyone-can-afford-this session.

We call it a 20-minute Quick-Release Session.

We are offering them for the next 7 days only for $25 a session.

To make sure everyone has access to these miracle-clearing sessions, we request  you to not book more than 3 sessions for yourself.  You may however gift them to a friend or loved one.

That's fair.

Here's what Summer L. said after one of our sessions:

"Healing sessions are quick and effortless, washing away years of insecurity and self-denial.  I now feel an ease to move forward in my life and am forever grateful."

We will assist you to release Emotional or Physical Pain with the best proven methods including:
◆ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
◆ Reiki/Energy Work
◆ Soul-Life Objective Perspective
◆ Guided Meditation

We are so confident in these techniques that we even Guarantee Results or Your Money Back!!!

So take action now.

To claim your session, go here: 20-Minute Quick-Release Session

Relief is waiting.


Mark and Lynetta

P.S.  Termites keep eating away until action is taken.  So too, with emotional trauma.  Take action now.  Grab your 20 Minute Quick-Release Session


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