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Mark and Lynetta


Lynetta Ann Avery is an experience enthusiast— embodied experiences delight her Soul.  Her biggest life quest has been for family.  When she left home at 18 years old, she longed for her own family.  After 7 significant heart-crushing relationships, Lynetta gave up the search for her beloved!  She concluded that she knew nothing of Love.  She had to admit that through every relationship, she was the common denominator.  OUCH! 

The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) gave her the tools she needed to be in loving and honoring relationships.  She discovered that she first needed to deeply love herself.  She began regular Hot Dates with Herself and pampered, wined and dined herself into BLISS

Lynetta found out that fairy-tale endings of "Happily Ever After" was a fantasy as long as she looked outside of herself for approval and acceptance.  She discovered her own Glory and Magnificence.  She blossomed in heart expanding experiences of Self-Love.  She took time in the mirror admiring the light in her own eyes.  She sang love songs to herself.  She danced for her own pleasure.  At HAI, Lynetta captured the heart of Mark Siedler.  He was the first to see past her external embellishments to the Radiant Shining Soul within!

Lynetta is a body whisperer. She feels where pain is, asks what it is saying, and hears the answers.  She goes to the Root and clears the seed thought.  She is fierce at keeping clients on the path to Magnificence


Mark's life-long spiritual journey led through religion where he was ordained as a Rabbi. At the end of 8 years of Rabbinical studies, he was depressed having found no answers to his life-long questions and feeling he had nothing that he wanted to teach.  He never served as a Rabbi in any temple or synagogue.  Instead, he adopted a career in technology to support himself and his family and continued his spiritual studies independently.

His investigation of NDE's (Near-Death Experiences) and Past Lives culminated in finding the deepest answers to life's biggest questions in the works of Dr. Michael Newton and Neale Donald Walsh.  He felt in full alignment with the discovery that there is no judgement in the afterlife.  Neale Donald Walsh gave him the perspective that we are all one with God and one with life, in a shared global state of being.

Mark is tenacious when it comes to being in alignment with his Soul Values.  He will not say anything that does not feel 100% true.  When he works with clients, he detects any speech not fully in alignment and asks crow-bar questions that pierce to the heart of the matter. 

Mark's Soul Studies of this world and the next, of body and soul agendas, creates a deep understanding of the Divine/Human Orchestration of life as a human being.

Mark's clients learn the depth of being the architects and authors of their own lives.  Previous emotional pain and limiting beliefs are released and rewritten to become empowering new foundations of life.


Mark and Lynetta have the courage of a lion and lioness to tackle our deepest pains, darkest fears and even embrace our inner villain.  They have finely-tuned dissonance detectors for Victim and Villain consciousness.

Their three-fold program Clear, Claim, Command provides deep spiritual understanding of life, full inner peace, release of all past pain and full integration of the Divine Twins—LOVE and POWER.  From this place, you will truly become a God/Goddess in your own world.