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The Soulmate Mini-Course

This is the answer to your long quest in manifesting the love you have been longing for. 

This mini-course is an exceptional value that introduces you to Steps 1 & 2 IDENTIFY AND CLEAR of our 4 Step to Soulmate Love. 


What you'll get:

Quiz -  Step 1 - IDENTIFY

 Core Blocks from past relationship hurts

 Current Emotional Challenges

 Most Pressing Life Issues


Journaling - Step 1 & 2  IDENTIFY and CLEAR

 Past Relationship Hurts blocking you from Soulmate Love

 How the past has affected your present relationships

 Reframe past relationship hurts turn them into the KEY to Soulmate Level Love


Emobodiment Exercises - Step 2 CLEAR

 By "Releasing" anyone who has hurt you

 "Shaking off" emotions stuck in the body  


Love from our Clients:

I never had luck in love until Mark and Lynetta helped me go through all the hard stuff in myself and really examine who I am, what I want, and the reflection of who my other half should be. Once I learned these things, I was able to find that in another person, who turned out to be the definition of my soulmate in all ways. It's absolutely amazing and the best feeling I've ever felt my entire life. It all happened so fast too I almost didn't believe it because it was just too good to be true for me right?!

Carrie Delgrego

I went so deep with my personal growth work with Lynetta and Mark in The Soulmate Course. So deep that I became a lighthouse and even 'graduated' early due to finally finding my soulmate at age 36. I have so much gratitude for the support and guidance of The Soulmate Coaches. Their course is literally life-transformational!

Brianna Anderson