And Your Soulmate Will Find YOU!

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Tired of failed relationships?


DON’T spend years or decades ‘figuring it out’
 DON’T keep ‘working on’ a bad relationship
STOP Compromising and Settling 
STOP making yourself LESS THAN YOU ARE to be in relationship 
STOP believing you have to ‘heal yourself’ first
STOP attracting the wrong partner
DON’T waste thousands of dollars on coaching from SINGLES.

Soulmate love is possible




YOU clear past relationship hurts.


Want to know what is blocking YOU from Soulmate Love?


The First Step on your journey is to identify your blocks.

Take this quiz to see what's in your way.


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Clarify the relationship you'd like to have. 

✔ WISELY INVEST your time and money in yourself
✔ CLEAR your limiting beliefs about Love
✔ SEE what a Soulmate Relationship really looks like
✔ RELEASE and reframe your past ‘failures’
✔ GET YOUR own greatness
✔ LEARN from successful soulmates who are Soulmate Coaches 

 We are

Mark & Lynetta

  ~ The Soulmate Coaches ~

Before Mark and I met, we both started attending the best consciousness and healing trainings that money can buy. 

We spent over $125,000 and 25 years learning the best techniques for clearing trauma, attaining peace and manifesting love.

Through all our training, we acquired the golden secrets to creating a heart centered, deeply intimate, loving spiritual partnership.  

We merged the best of these trainings with our own life experiences to create the most unique relationship coaching tools for you. 

These include two published books  Three Doors to the Soul  and  Do the Work: 5 Steps to Transcend Trauma, Summon Love & Invoke Your Power.  

We are the world’s greatest experts at failed relationships so you don’t have to be!

There are GREAT relationships and then there are SOULMATE relationships. 


Soulmate relationships are great PLUS Soulmates…

♦ Have soul awareness

♦ Aligned mentally, emotionally and spiritually

♦ See the humor in all of life's lessons and challenges

♦ Explore the unknown together

♦ Love adventure

♦ Make a difference in the world

♦ Do their inner work individually and together 

♦ Take radical responsibility for their life - no blaming or shaming EVER!

What’s it like in OUR soulmate relationship?

Lynetta never finger points at me. When she gets triggered by something, she takes full responsibility. Then we work together to get to the source and clear the original hurt. 

I share all of my vulnerabilities with her, including the areas where I struggle internally.  She supports me to face my fears and overcome my inadequacies. 

This is the first time I have ever had a partner who is so well matched in the way I view the world spiritually, mentally and emotionally.   The adventures we have together, both in our private life and in our professional offerings to the world, are fully aligned. 


Mark wants me to bring ALL of me to our relationship, including the parts I have struggled to accept. I feel seen, heard, and accepted for my FULL authentic self. 

Mark asks the best questions to help me dig deeper and find the root cause.  He hears what I am not saying, what I am hiding from myself, and he lovingly guides me to clear anything holding me back from living my juiciest life. 


In our soulmate relationship, we both feel...

Connected. Loved. Embraced.

"Before working with Mark and Lynetta, I hungeried to be fully seen, accepted and acknowledged. Now, I never give my power away and I found the love of my life!"

Dina Porters

"Mark and Lynetta helped me to open up my heart to the possibility of love. They have all the tools necessary, and also held a Loving and Nurturing space for me to create a profound shift."

Tim M. 


Everyone’s journey is different.  Choose the right package for you:

Single Coaching Session


Save $75

  • We will get right to the heart of the matter 
  • Identify pressing problems
  • Get to the ROOT behind the issue
  • Give you tools to clear original hurt
  • Get your own greatness
  • Restore love, joy, peace in your life

Six Session Coaching Series


Save $503

  • Acknowledge others - create deeper intimacy
  • Learn how you want to be loved & how to ask for it
  • Identify blocks to having YOUR dream Relationship
  • Learn clearing techniques for emotional triggers
  • Avoid communication traps which cause discord
  • Create & manifest your soulmate relationship

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