Another Heartbreaking Relationship Crash?

I know Your Pain...

Time-after-time I threw myself heart, mind and soul into relationships that were supposed to be my happily-ever-after. Again and again I called it quits.

I finally got that I was the common denominator—I was the problem in each relationship—not him!

I knew I had to stop the obsessive search for my Prince and go deep within.  I began to ask: 

What really is Love and How do I get mine?  

I invested 25 years and tens of thousands in therapy, support groups and workshops.  I worked on myself relentlessly.

And then it finally happened.

I met my Soulmate.

He saw me and he wanted me.

He saw the monumental internal work I had done. 

He saw how I had turned every disabling childhood challenge into the gold of wisdomhood.

I didn’t need the right dating profile, the right words, the right dress and makeup.

All he wanted was authentic me!

We are married 6 years now and our love deepens every day.

I have my full voice.  I reveal everything and am completely loved and accepted. 

Not only am I free to say what I like or don’t like but if something is important to me, it’s important to him!

He knows me intimately because he also has walked the difficult path.  He has also done his internal work—over 30 years and over $100,000 invested.   And we both agree...

Soulmate love is the world's biggest delight

  • DON'T wait decades and spend tens of thousands of dollars like we did.
  • DON'T spend sleepless nights alone wondering...
  • DO Experience the Absolute Delight of Soulmate Love NOW!

Get the best knowledge and experience about Love, Soulmates and Transformation in...

The 8-Week Soulmate App  

With this app, you will immediately enjoy the deep feelings of Love and Joy of being with your Soulmate.

How can we make such a promise???

Because on Day 1, you are matched with a Soulmate ‘buddy’

You can either enroll a friend or partner in the course with you or you can choose another Soulmate student to be your Buddy.

Every day, you will enjoy 15 minutes with your buddy on the phone or in person practicing…

  • Gratitudes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Love Languaging

Every day, you will deepen your experience of being seen, heard, understood, acknowledged, treasured…

  • You will know, accept and love yourself deeper than you have ever experienced.
  • You will discover the hidden beliefs that sabotage your love life.  
  • You will experience greater Love and Joy.

Plus, you will have the backing of two aligned, married, loving, powerful Soulmate Wizards who totally walk their talk.

We will guide you through… 

  • Weekly coaching calls (see the curriculum below)
  • Online Guided Meditations and exercises to release past painful relationships and joyously create your Soulmate-to-be.
  • A Private Facebook Group where you will feel more free than ever to share with other Soulmate Buddies the depths of your soul safely and with honor.
  • You may upgrade your membership to include Weekly Private Soulmate Coaching from Mark and Lynetta (see options below).

Every day, from the moment you enroll in The Soulmate App, you will bathe in the delightful joy of Soulmate Love, even if your Soulmate does not manifest until after the course is complete.

So how will this Love, Power and Wisdom-packed course guide you over the next 8 weeks?

In Week 1, you will learn…

Gratitudes for every relationship you have ever experienced.  We give you tools to mine the gold from each past relationship, no matter how painful or how ‘badly’ it ended.

Everything tastes better when you share it with your soulmate ~ Carlos Santana

Acknowledgments of Yourself and others.  You will turn every challenge into an acknowledgement, gearing you for living in your power, no matter what struggles you have experienced! 

In WEEK 2, you will learn about Love Languages

You will identify YOUR love languages AND those of Your past partners.  You will finally understand why those relationships failed.

The biggest reason relationships fail is not mastering love languages

This module is essential to a fulfilling soulmate relationship and will benefit ALL Your Relationships.

In Week 3, you will achieve FULL Body Peace (OH YES!)

We’ll clean up issues over Appearance, Fat, Food and Pain.

You will learn to see your body through the lens of Self-Love and release the voices of self-criticism. 

You will lavish your body with praise, gratitude and acknowledgements.

"When I first started working with Mark, I was in a horrific marriage to a verbally abusive narcissist.

Now I'm with my soulmate, Rick and we are amazingly happy and Oh-so-much-in-love 😍

And we just got married!!!"

Wendy and Rick

In Week 4,  you will achieve Peace with Thoughts and Emotions.

We will do Inner Child Work to tackle emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Depression and Hopelessness.

Through Guided Meditations, you will find where your inner child hides, what she has always needed from you and will complete unfinished business of your past.  

Your inner world will settle down like the calm after the storm.

In Week 5, You'll get Peace with Pain and Power.  

We'll dive into past heartbreaks and how you've been the Victim of others.  

We'll also look at where you've misused your power and played the 'Villain' in others' lives.

Soulmates mirror your best parts and your shadow, giving you a chance to heal ~  Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

As you energetically clear the roles of Victim and Villain, you'll get new freedom to say "NO!" to anything you don't want in your life and "YES!" to what you truly desire.

You will be totally empowered to magnetize your real Soulmate to you.


Week 6 is Commanding Your Future

You will tap into your true greatness and be astounded by your abilities to create a life you love.  

Activities this week will include meditations on Meeting Your Higher Self and Hot Dates with Yourself. 

You'll experience your deep inner beauty and fully understand that your beloved is actively searching for YOU and how the world is waiting to be your personal playground to spend with the Love-of-your-Life. 


"Mark and Lynetta helped me clear grief and pain from my family and ex that were standing in my way.

Now, I'm with my new love, Duane and it's delicious! 💓"

Catherine and Duane

Week 7 is Getting Your List

You will Create your Soulmate List by going through all past relationships.  You will turn the pain of the "I Don't Wants" into the Gold of knowing your real desires.

You'll align with where to hang out to meet your soulmate and get the courage to act when you do. 

Week 8 is Soulmate Communication.

You will learn to communicate intimately with your soulmate and release fears of anything be used against you.  

Your vulnerability will be cherished and honored and you will feel completely understood.

Soulmate Love is powerful enough to weather any storm ~ Arielle Ford

Soulmate-level communications will turn your Soulmate-to-be relationship into an ever expanding honeymoon of love and appreciation.

Never before offered...
Join the ONLY Soulmate Program Created and Taught by Soulmates!

Your two Soulmate Guides are Mark Siedler and Lynetta Avery.

Mark grew up in a strongly dysfunctional family.  Not wanting to repeat the mistakes of his parents, he delayed marriage until his early 30s. 

He married a woman who had undisclosed trauma, even to herself.  Over 21 years, love waned and bitterness took its place.  He  tried to ‘make it work’ for the sake of his son, but finally realized his former wife was not his equal in owning her own ‘shift’ instead of relentlessly pointing the finger at him for unhappiness in her life.

Soulmate Love heals couples and the world ~ Mark and Lynetta

He had two shorter-term relationships with women who were closer to what he wanted but knew in his soul that a relationship could be so much more.  

Before he met Lynetta, he declared to the universe that he wanted a woman who was both loving and powerful.  He had never experienced this in relationship but decided he would have it.

Two months later, he met Lynetta and for 7 years now delights in marriage with a woman who is full of Love, Power and Wisdom.

Lynetta comes from an extremely dysfunctional family that provided no healthy relationship models.

She endured 7 heartbreaking relationship crashes including 3 previous marriages but never gave up on love.  

She found transformational tools and workshops that gave her tools to master relationships.  She met her Beloved, Mark at a workshop.  

Mark and Lynetta are fully aligned as a couple and share a common vision creating a world where everyone gets loved with a love that is authentic, vulnerable and intimate.  

They openly share everything they know and have experienced. 

No questions are off-limits; no details are too intimate to share.  This is what Soulmate-Level Relationships are all about.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Soulmate App includes INSTANT, LIFETIME ACCESS to:

  • 8 Weeks of Intensive Step-By-Step Modules taught in video format (Standard and Deluxe members only).
  • Daily Meditations and  practical exercises
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access (all digital + downloadable) so you can login to access all the content, download + work through it on the move at your own pace)
If you sign up to The Soulmate App at this time you’ll also get:
  • 5 Incredible Bonus meditations to up-level your romantic life
  • Full access to The Soulmate App Private Facebook group (Standard & Deluxe members only)

The Soulmate App Standard & Deluxe editions include 8 weeks of lessons.

The starter edition give full access only to week 1.

As soon as you subscribe, you will have instant access to the Soulmate App library of videos, meditations, worksheets and exercises.

What makes The Soulmate App Unique? 

  • YOU are the key to having a Soulmate Relationship.  You don't get nonsense ‘dating hacks’ to your love life dilemmas, because they don’t work in the long run.
  • The work of getting a healthy, soulful, lasting relationship is an inside job, and this will be our primary focus.
  • A program of ACTION: We don’t just sit around talking about what you’re struggling with in your love life, we take consistent, strategic action in the direction of your romantic goals, so that by the end of the 8 week program, you’re exactly where you need to be to get the relationship you really want.
  • Improves your ENTIRE LIFE: The Soulmate App tools will apply to all areas of your life, not just your love life.  You may see improvements in health, finances and internal peace.
  • PLUS, you get access to the ONLY SOULMATE APP designed and taught by soulmates!

The ❤️Soulmate App❤️ is for You if...

  • You’re sick and tired of being rejected or disappointed in love
  • You’ve had a series of toxic, unhealthy relationships and are ready to heal your love life once and for all
  • You’ve been on your own for years now and are fed up with being single
  • You know you have unconscious beliefs or wounding blocking you
  • You want better ways to deal with conflicts 
  • You feel ready to meet your life partner but have no idea where to start
  • You need support and a proven road-map to help you move forwards with your life
  • You're fed up with online dating
  • You want to find real, soulful and meaningful love with someone you can build a life with
  • You’re in a relationship, but are feeling stuck or trapped most of the time and want guidance and clarity over whether to stay or leave

Give me all 10 weeks of videos, meditations, exercises, Facebook private group, coaching - The Works!


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