Tantra Training for Healers

with Lynetta







Tantra Training for Healers
with Lynetta

For Healing Proffesionals trained in...


♦   Massage   ♦   Reiki   ♦   Yoga   ♦   Therapy   ♦   Sound Healing   ♦   Energy Work   ♦   

♦   Plant Medicine   ♦   Shamanic Healing   ♦   Breathwork   


Expand your offerings with TANTRIC HEALING 

practices such as...


Sexual Embodiment 
Pleasure Mapping
Tantric Breathwork
Intimacy Rituals 
 Sacred Spot Massage
Sex Magick 

YOUR clients will experience...


Pain reduction
Enhanced pleasure
Juicer Relationships 
Trauma release
Optimal health
Improved Sleep 
Greater love, joy, peace

Here is what Lynetta's Tantra Training did for me...

 “Lynetta's energy techniques raised my sound healing sessions to the next level.” 

Ariel - Sound Healer

 “After Lynetta's yoni massage training, my clients experienced deeper healing and ecstasy.” 

Michael - Massage Therapist

 “Lynetta's coaching helped expand my Tantra business.  Now I'm living my life's calling.”  

Diane - Tantrica

What distinguishes Lynetta is… 


She survived a traumatic childhood and navigated through the depths of despair, giving her the capacity for greater compassion for YOU. 

She overcame her past through awareness of her trauma, and doing her inner work through Reparenting, Inner Child, Shadow Work, Emotional Release Tools, and Emotional Freedom Technique. She is relentless at diving into the shadows to uncover what she is hiding from herself to get to the root cause because she always finds freedom on the other side. 

Lynetta is a successful author of Do the Work: 5 Steps to Transcend Trauma, Summon Love & Invoke Your Power and a life coach who teaches and supports others in doing their internal work. She is trained in Landmark Education, Avatar, Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Reiki and Theta healing, ISTA, Human Awareness Institute, Love Journey Tantra, and Ecstatic Dakini Training.

Lynetta’s priorities are to teach you the juiciest Tantra techniques AND to listen to your own intuition and guidance and develop your highest level of presence.

She lives Tantra everyday in fully embodied orgasmic bliss.  She has combined all her training and life experience to create the ultimate soulmate relationship that most only dream about having. 

Lynetta’s Travel Calendar

Lynetta offers Tantra Sessions while traveling the US and Canada.

Here is her 2023 schedule:

Jan 17 - March 29th Phoenix/Tucson, AZ
March 29 - April 19 Sedona, AZ

 Lynetta offers customized 1 or 2 day trainings with the following CORE and OPTIONAL Modules...  


One Day Training: Core Modules only $888

Core Module Includes:


How to create a Sacred Tantra Session:

  • Presence & Intuition - tapping into your inner knowing
  • Raising the Sacredness of Sexuality - bring your spirituality into the session
  • Setting the Container and Intention for a session - creating alters and ambiance
  • Calling in your Guides, Helpers, Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors
  • Begin the session by clearing your client of all hooks, chords, and entities  



  • Wheel of Consent - Power Dynamics in Relationships
  • Safe Sex Conversations - RBDSM
  • Getting your Yes and your No.  Having clear boundaries.  Making requests. 


Working with Your Client:

  • Understanding the anatomy of the male and female sex organs - how to honor and de-armor the yoni and lingam 
  • Chakra Clearing & Energy Work - Awakening the Kundalini Energy in the body 
  • Intimacy Exercises - Eye Gazing, Synchronized Breathing, Sacred Touch
  • Pleasure Mapping - Discovering and requesting your desired touch
  • Clarity Breathwork - Tuning into emotions locked in your body
  • Embodiment Exercises - how to get to full body orgasmic energy
  • 5 Element Massage - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether

Two Day Training: Core Modules + Select Optional Modules $1440

Optional Modules:


Sexual Theraputic Massage Techniques:

  • Sacred Spot: Lingam & Yoni Massage
  • Root Chakra Massage - Anal massage for emotional release
  • Self Pleasuring as a healing tool


Other Tantra Tools:

  • Microcosmic Orbit Breathwork  
  • Sex Magick ~ How to build the energy of creation
  • Techniques For MEN with Sexual Dysfunction (ED or PE) 
  • Techniques for WOMEN with Sexual Dysfunction of post menopause and no sex drive 
  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
  • Emotional Release Tools - Yoga Boxing, Empty Chair Technique, Reparenting
  • Shadow/Shamanic Work  
  • Body Talk 
  • Chakra Massage 
  • Sensate Massage 

To be a Tantrica, YOU must be a clear vessel.

You will learn to master your own emotions and clear past hurts.

Together, we'll explore sexuality as a trigger for deep emotional clearing for you and your clients.

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