Seen. Heard. Embraced.

You have a place in this world. A place where you belong.  Welcome Home. 


When Covid-19 hit it changed the way we do business.

Gone are the days of seeing people in person. 

The problem is...

Covid-19 has impacted your Reiki practice.

You feel stuck.

You need help transitioning to online teaching and attuning.



  • Want to expand your Reiki practice
  • Want to offer and teach Reiki remotely
  • Want Advanced Reiki training

The Solution...

Made-for-you Reiki Training Manuals

Made-for-you ONLINE Reiki delivery system.

Advanced Reiki and Technology Training


What better way than to offer Reiki Training online through Zoom technology, providing:

  • A safe way to deliver Reiki 
  • Financial stability 
  • Union of Technology and Spirituality
  • Raise the Consciousness of our planet by going global

Imagine doing work that you love, being supported financially and giving to the world on a wider scale!  

You have the tech support you have always needed with my husband Mark who has been my tech wizard with 40 years of experience in the tech support industry. 

Ignite Your divine spark, fuel it with Reiki and boost it into the Universe! 

What you will get...

  • Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher Training 
  • Online Reiki Teacher Certification
  • Zoom Technology Proficiency 
  • Tech Support  
  • Prepared Class Outlines
  • Building a thriving online practice process 
  • Supportive Reiki Community
  • Money Magnetizing Exercises!