Embodied Dakini Tantra


with Lynetta

Embodiment Dakini | Energy Healer | Intimacy Coach 



Offered throughout the United States - See Travel Calendar below



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Embodied Dakini Tantra  
with Lynetta
Embodiment Dakini | Energy Healer | Intimacy Coach
Offered throughout the United States - See Travel Calendar below


πŸ‘‰ TANTRA TRAINING for HEALERS - Click Here πŸ‘ˆ

Are you looking to connect on a DEEP and INTIMATE level?


You landed here seeking something juicier 


You yearn for depth



Feel Embraced by the Divine Feminine

Learn the 5 Levels of Pleasure
Tune into your Love Language
Tune into the Love Language of your partner 
Discover your Desires
Explore sensitive sensations   


I found my bliss through the adventure of new body scapes never traveled before.
Heightened sensations in my body.
I cleared past relationships that locked up my ability to deeper intimacy.
Now,  I enjoy the greatest peaks of joy in my body. 
The pathway to greater peace, joy and bliss are at your finger tips.  
Let’s dive into the pools of pleasure together!  

 In a typical Tantra Session, you may experience


♦  5 Element Massage♦ Prolong Love Making  

♦  Energy Work  ♦   Chakra Clearing  ♦   Clarity Breathwork




Body Temple Worship


Kundalini Activation


Pleasure Mapping


The Benefits of Tantra

 βœ” Increased Pleasure & Intimacy 

 βœ” Clarity and Focus

 βœ” Boost Confidence in the Bedroom

 βœ” Bling Bling your Life

 βœ” Heightened Sensitivity  

 βœ” Deeper Love Relationships

 βœ” Majestic Presence 


My Story

I am the ultimate love explorer, from surviving a traumatic childhood through over 30 years of “failed” relationships.  
I attended the best consciousness and healing trainings that money can buy including Landmark Education, Avatar, Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Reiki and Theta healing. 
But, after 49 years I realized I still had no clue what real love is. Tantra showed me the way.  
I attended workshops from the Human Awareness Institute, ISTA, and private Tantra trainings.  I acquired the golden secrets to a heart centered, deeply intimate, loving spiritual partnership. I merged the best of my training with my own life experiences to create these juicy and sacred offerings for you.
I also published Do the Work: 5 Steps to Transcend Trauma, Summon Love & Invoke Your Power as a guide to your healing journey.
My signature offerings clear pain from past relationships, tap into your true heart’s desires, and open you to fully receiving love. 
In my skillful, nurturing hands, you will feel safe to dive deep within yourself and connect authentically to your natural state of bliss.

"I learned to slow down and tune into my body sensations. I learned how to breathe, move energy and increase my ability to receive greater ecstasy in my body.”




For Singles $500 / 2 hours

Sacred Offerings

 βœ” 5 Levels of Pleasure 

 βœ” Pleasure Mapping

 βœ” Tantric Breathing

 βœ” Embodiment Movement

 βœ” Tantric Massage

 βœ” Energetic Healing

 βœ” Clear & Balance Emotions

 βœ” Heart Opening Meditation

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For Couples $750 / 2.5 hours

Sacred Offerings

βœ” Clear Relationship Hurts

βœ” Couples Intimacy Exercises 

βœ” Pleasure Mapping

βœ” Synchronized Breathing

βœ” Partner Acknowledgments 

βœ” Body Temple Worship

βœ” Heart Meditation

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“When I came to see Lynetta, I was bored with the same old—same old in the bedroom with my husband.  My passion was gone.
In her Tantra Temple, she helped me tap into my sacral chakra where my sexual energy was blocked.  She cleared it and helped me re-ignite my internal flame of desire!
A flood of energy rushed into my yoni.  I felt tingling and my desire grew as my body experienced waves of orgasmic bliss. 
I went home and practiced what I learned with my husband!  He was amazed at the transformation.  I could hardly believe it myself!    And all this from one session—I can’t wait to send my husband!”

Lynetta’s 2022-2023 Travel Calendar

Lynetta offers Tantra Sessions and Training while she travels the US in her RV with her husband Mark

Nov 20th - 30th Palm Springs
Nov 30 - Dec 21    Los Angeles/San Diego (Temecula)
Dec 21 - Jan 18, 2023  Palm Springs
Jan 25 - March 29  Phoenix/Tucson AZ
March 29 - April 19  Sedona AZ

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