Soulmate Coach and Tantra Practitioner


Lynetta Avery


Offered remotely or in person - See Travel Calendar below


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Soulmate Coach

and Tantrika 


Lynetta Avery
Intimacy & Relationship Coach 
Offered remotely or in person - See Travel Calendar below



Are you looking to connect on a DEEP and INTIMATE level?


This is for anyone looking for something more...


More than just sex, more than just orgasm, more than just body sensations.


You know there's got to be more--you just don't know what it is.


Do You desire to live life FULL-OUT in Joy, Excitement and Intimacy?
Would you like to connect your Heart, Mind, and Soul through Energetic Exchange?
Sexual energy is sacred and can be your pathway to healing and to the Divine.
Allow me to be the devout worshiper of your body temple.
I will teach you to become the Divine Masculine that EVERY WOMAN WANTS to receive.


You will learn how to slow down and share ecstasy through more than just the thrust of your cock.

To properly prepare you to become the Divine Masculine will require 3 sessions:  2 Remote and 1 In-Person.


In our 1st remote SESSION we unpack past experiences that are blocking your full sexual ecstasy.  


In our 2nd remote SESSION we explore your dream relationships and sexual experiences.  We dive into your fantasies and fetishes and explore creative ways to deeply connect with a partner.


Some of the issues we may address include: 

♦  Pre - Ejaculation 

♦  Erectile Dysfunction

♦  Low Satisfaction 

♦  Communication Skills

♦  Relationship Hurts


We'll explore Tantric Practices such as...


 ✔ Presence Awareness

 ✔ Sensual Movement - Embodiment

 ✔ Energetic Sex

 ✔ Active Listening 

 ✔ Circulate Orgasmic Energy 

 ✔ Embodied Orgasmic Pleasure 


Having mastered these practices, Your 3rd SESSSION will be IN-PERSON at my Temple Space. 


Here, You will experience...

♦  Intention setting

♦  Eye Gazing

♦  Pleasure Mapping

♦  Conscious Touch

♦  Tantric Breathing 

♦ Body Temple Worship

♦ Tantric Massage 

Body Temple Worship


Tantric Breathing


Pleasure Mapping


This 3-Session process will lead you to...


 ✔ Discover your capacity for greater love and pleasure

✔ Embrace the most challenging aspects of yourself

✔ Create conscious expansion of your spirituality and sexuality

✔ Clearly communicate your desires and boundaries in your relationships

✔ Fall in love with the person you see in the mirror

✔ Experience ecstatic bliss in your sex life

Bliss Seeker


Get a Taste

  • 2 Zoom Sessions 
  • 1 In-Person Session 
  • Unpack Blocks to Sexuality
  • Dive into Your Fantasies
  • Learn Presence Practices

Love Adventurer


Most Popular

  • 4 Zoom Sessions 
  • 2 In-Person Session 
  • Fully Delve into Desires
  • Explore Dream Relationship
  • Embody Orgasmic Pleasure

Pleasure Master


Exceptional Value

  • 6 Zoom Sessions 
  • 3 In-Person Session 
  • Clear Remaining Blocks
  • Manifest Ideal Experiences
  • Ecstatic Deep Dive 

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Here's What My Clients Have to Say


“When I came to see Lynetta, I was bored with the same old—same old in the bedroom with my husband.  My passion was gone.
In her Tantra Temple, she helped me tap into my sacral chakra where my sexual energy was blocked.  She cleared it and helped me re-ignite my internal flame of desire!
A flood of energy rushed into my yoni.  I felt tingling and my desire grew as my body experienced waves of orgasmic bliss. 
I went home and practiced what I learned with my husband!  He was amazed at the transformation.  I could hardly believe it myself!    And all this from one session—I can’t wait to send my husband!”

"I learned to slow down and tune into my body sensations. I learned how to breathe, move energy and increase my ability to receive greater ecstasy in my body.”



Lynetta’s 2023

Travel Calendar


Lynetta offers Tantra Sessions while traveling the US and Canada.

Here is her 2023 schedule:

Jan 17 - March 29th Phoenix/Tucson, AZ
March 29 - April 19 Sedona, AZ

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